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I was channel flicking earlier, when I came across an episode of The Wonder Years, with Fred Savage. I recall watching the first ever episode in the late eighties, and thinking it was the funniest show ever. Plus of course there was the on again-off again romance between little Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper.

The first episode I watched today, was the one where Kevin’s Dad refused to get rid of the aging family car, and the second eppie that I watched was when Kevin got a big zit, just before a date with a cute girl who used to have the hots for him. I might be thirty-one years old, but I’m not ashamed to say, I still laughed at loud at Kevin’s antics. Mr Cantwell, the monotone, dull-as-dishwater teacher was also hilarious. Does anybody else remember this programme, or was it only popular in England?

I also watched a programme featuring Elvis Presley tonight, and as I watched it, I suddenly remembered that I used to really love him, as a singer, and an actor (who says he couldn’t act for toffee?). I went through a stage in my teens when I used to watch all his films. My fave was Love Me Tender. He looked hot in that film. It seems incredible to me that I was only two years old when he died. I also learned tonight that he’d sold over a billion records. Amazing. What an utter waste of a life.

I love shows and programmes that take me back in time, because there are usually good memories attached to them. For about two hours tonight, I forgot that I was a reproductively challenged thirty-one year old woman, and went back to a time, when my biggest worry was how soon I could finish my homework so that I could get back to reading Mrs Pepperpot’s adventures. Ahhh those were the days.

Hmmm, I wonder whatever happened to Blossom…?