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Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been travelling all over this bloody overcrowded country. Anyway, here’s the blurb for Ugly

I’m loving Ugly, but it’s not the easiest book to read.

I do like books that take me out of my comfort zone though, they usually make me think. That’s not a bad thing methinks.

You can visit Constance Briscoe here, and buy Ugly here.

Apparently, oral sex increases the risk of throat cancer.

I knew there was a reason why it’s never been one of my favourite pastimes. *g*

I’ve just finished reading NJ Walter’s newest EC book, Three Swords, One Heart, (which I enjoyed despite the fugly cover, but she’s one of my auto-buys anyway) and when I came to the end of the book, I noticed this:


Tony Steps Down…

Thursday, May 10, 2007
Posted in: British Politics, Prime Minister, Tony Blair

So, after ten years at number 10, Tony Blair announces his resignation.

I, for one will be sorry to see him go. I suspect I’ll be one of only a few people who feels this way.

Unfortunately for him, his legacy will be that of the Prime Minister who stood shoulder to shoulder with George Bush, and went to war for reasons still unknown.

He’ll be remembered as the Prime Minister who was responsible for the death of many of our British service men and women.

Now that he’s gone, I probably wont be voting for his party again. I’ve never liked Gordon Brown (current Chancellor of The Exchequer), I can’t help but think that he’s nothing more than a number cruncher.

God help us all.

Romanceland is full of nutters, and crazies not too dissimilar to The Right Honourable Betty Boozer.

Carol Lynne responded perfectly to my review. She said nothing. I admire that.

I’m not the only person who doesn’t understand what the Lotus Circle is about.

Reviews are not for authors. They are for readers.

The subject of reviewing will never die.

A Newbie author who’s book gets ripped apart will realise in five years time, that the blogger was probably right. That book did indeed suck Great Big Hairy Donkey Balls.

Some authors truly believe that bloggers / reviewers buy books just to rip them to shreds.

Until the crap that was Ben’s Wildflower, I hadn’t posted a negative review since November 2006. This must not happen again.

I’m not the only person who’s fed up with Vampires, Shapeshifters, Paranormals,and effing BDSM books.

Racism in romance isn’t considered as big an issue as homophobia in romance.

Awarding a 12-book contract to unproven newbies is not sound business.

Some authors will happily stick their tongue up your arse, and take a long lick, as long as it’s not their book or their publisher that you are dissing.

I’m suspicious of anybody who peppers their posts with “Lololololol!!” all the freaking time.

Some people are better at sucking up than others.

People who take the trouble to post that they wont be visiting your blog ever again, are usually lying.

Just because you got published, doesn’t mean that you deserved it. Your editor may have been high at the time.

Romanceland is full of passive aggressive women, and hypocrites.

Authors will always Google themselves, no matter how much they say they don’t.

I’m not the only person who thinks EC standards have gone waaay down.

Some popular bloggers seem to feel threatened by other popular bloggers, and refuse to mingle with them. You know who you are.

Some people should not be let out in public, without being fully medicated. You know who you are.

The Slash and Burn Reviewer/Blogger is an urban legend, cooked up by authors who’s book (s) got dissed, and dismissed.

Reviewers/ bloggers who personally attack authors are also an urban legend, cooked up by the same group of people.

Authors can be trolls too. You know who you are.

Some authors can be snarky too, they are just less honest about it. You know who you are.

Negative reviews will always generate more column inches, than positive reviews.

Nobody ever remembers gushingly glowing reviews.

There are certain people who always seem to hijack other people’s blogs. I recently got rid of at least one of these PWTTAFBA – types.

Anybody who writes that “Snarks go for an obvious joke just because it’s funny, not because the book really doesn’t work.” just doesn’t get it.

Some authors don’t understand that it’s not all about them.

‘Nice Girl’ Review sites hate bloggers like me.

I hate pussified bloggers who hold themselves up as a shining example of how other bloggers should behave. You know who you are.

A lot of authors hate bloggers like me.

Women don’t rule the world because we cry far too easily and exhibit pussy-like behaviour in the face of adversity.

Some books suck more than others.

Authors should understand that readers like me don’t really care how much effort they put into writing a book. All they care about is whether they enjoyed it or not.

It should take longer than two weeks to write a book. Unless you are Nora Roberts.

Rabid Fangirls will always tell you that “You’re just jealous because you’re a frustrated writer with no talent!”, if you diss their favourite authors.

I hate the phrase “If you can’t say anything nice”. People who believe that, have no business reading this blog, yet they continue to do so.

Some ladies in Romanceland will talk about respecting other people, whilst they secretly send e-mails trashing you to their buddies.

Good editors are worth their weight in gold.

Bad reviews wont kill you, but the Rabid Fangirl stalking you might.

Nice cover…

Have I mentioned how much I love younger man/ older woman romance books? Happy sigh…

You can visit Sharon Cullars here, read an excerpt here, and buy The Object Of Love here.

So me and TTG watched two films this weekend, Something New, and the new Spiderman movie. Loved them both, but the DVD had the slight edge over Peter Parker and his funky dancing.

Here’s the movie synopsis, stolen from Amazon:

I loved both central characters. Bryan was truly scrumptious, Kenya was repressed, but endearing, and the secondary characters were fun.

This is totally a girly film, but I did love the romance of it.

How hot was the love scene? *g*

If you’re looking for a deep and meaningful film about IR relationships, you wont find it here, but if you’re looking for a sensual love story, where the lead characters fall in love inspite of their differences, this film is totally for you.

You can buy Something New on DVD here.

Sir Alex Ferguson – United Manager

Ronaldo scores at City!

Old Trafford Football Stadium – Home of Man United


Also congratulations to our very own Roy Keane for guiding Sunderland to victory in The Championship!!!

I was going to let the blog settle down before I posted some of the responses from various EC authors, but what the hell, TTG and I are going away for the weekend, so might as well post, and run, whilst I can.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of the responses from current EC authors:

“Crissy (Bashear) left EC under less than pleasant circumstances. She wasn’t treated fairly, in my opinion, however, she handled it in a very classy manner. She opened her own publisher and Samhain is doing wonderfully. They’ve already established a reputation for delivering quality books… AND getting the print books to print outlets.”

EC, on the other hand, doesn’t fulfill print orders. A print outlet orders so many copies of one popular author and EC would like them to purchase ALL authors so instead of sending the requested amount of the requested authors…they send a hodgepodge. Now if I went into the store and said I want a pair of silver earrings with pearls and they gave me brass with garnets, I’d be irritated as all I get out. When I’m buying, *I* get the choice of what I buy. Not the person selling it.”

“I know some people are growing unhappy with things there (no, I can’t name any names offhand. I’ve heard rumors, nothing more.) I know some policies are changing with regard to print and I think people are frustrated by the lack of info being given about that. And I think the growing sense that EC’s standards have slipped bothers everyone.

For me I think the problem is the incredibly long response time on subs. I think they should have closed to subs for six months some time ago to clear out the backlog, because talented writers are subbing elsewhere rather than wait. The only editor there I know is my own, but I know they were really crushing for editors a while back so can only guess they may have hired some people whose work wasn’t stellar.”

“It’s disheartening to see new authors coming in with numerous contracts. It’s discouraging to see less and less of the old standards anchoring the new release page.”

“I like my overworked EC editor. So far, I’ve not been asked to add any sex. Though, xxxx was revised from sensual to erotic. Btw, no anal sex was involved in heating the story up. And, as far as I know no new editors were hired in recent months.”

“First, editors are NOT allowed to change content of the books at all. They aren’t allowed to edit sentences, etc. Basically, they just line edit it seems. As you can tell from the quality of the books. Second, did you know that EC is selling their print rights? They just did it to one author and a few others are up for auction.
They are asking for LIFETIME contracts from newbie authors, and established authors they are asking for 10 years”

“Samhain has people who love the romance genre. EC has several people in the executive level, so to speak, that don’t care for romance at all. People who come from a background of sales and not romance, not publishing, nada. It’s hard to really sell a product unless you understand it. And if you hate it? Much harder.”

“It’s sad that EC seems to be losing more and more readers. Between you and me, I have to agree about the quality of writing of the new authors. I lament the loss of older, quality authors who no longer write for EC or in some cases release a book here and there. Those were the good old days. In conversations I’ve had with some author friends, we all privately agreed that it’s probably time to seek new opportunities elsewhere. SIGH.”

“Any EC author who says they haven’t been told to “sex it up” is lying. It’s a public message you see over and over in the company announcements, so it isn’t just on the editor-level. You learn by the end of the editing process on your first book to put smut in the forefront.

It has only gotten worse since NY started playing in EC’s pool. As an example, the book I am currently editing for them has xxxxx words and two sex scenes……, so it actually focuses on the plot. I took it to EC after my contract expired, and the first thing I heard was to add more sex–at least one more scene, and to really punch up the existing scenes. I guess I’ll have to add some anal or something. In contrast, I just read xxxxx’s “xxxxx” It has three sex scenes for the 100,000 word novel. EC never would have let her get away with that. It’s ridiculous. I can live with writing erotic romance as long as there is still plot and characters. But I didn’t sign on to write porn!”

“I know they are still selling ebooks and many are going to continue to buy for the titillation factor alone, but they’ve lost many readers who want it all, good hot sex and a good hot story. I know it for a fact because I hear it all the time, plus I rarely buy from them anymore unless it’s one of the books by my fave authors, which are fewer and fewer with them. EC sales are down and I guess they figure if they put out more and more, it will make up for it.”

“Yes, your review struck a chord because it underscores the current situation at EC. To begin with, I wasn’t happy about the Wednesday and Friday new releases but I’m thinking they need the money. But quantity doesn’t mean quality. That’s the problem.”

“When I started with EC…, Crissy was the publisher. I liked her and personally never had a problem with her. Since she left, a lot of changes have been instituted, most of which I don’t agree with. There are a ton of new authors onboard–some newbies, some previously pubbed–but not all of them are talented. They’re prolific, though, some like Carol Lynne with multiple books lined up with release dates well into August and September.”

“You’ll love this. EC told the authors the reason they are taking out all the commas is because commas make the readers stumble as they read, and the faster the reader reads, the more books we sell. Wow. I guess they don’t take into account that most adults know how to use commas fairly well.

They probably aren’t as adept with them as professional writers–note I say pros, not necessarily the authors EC is taking on–but they are going to notice when the commas aren’t there. That is just one of the many bitches I could share about EC. The print program is a joke. The checks are late half the time, but that’s all the post office’s doing. They flat-out lie, telling us the checks were sent on time, and then they show up weeks later with a postmark that’s three days previous. Uh huh. IF you dare ask about if/when the payments were mailed, you have fellow EC authors jumping to the company’s defense. …., brainwashed fools IMO.”

“I think they need to be reminded that their loyal readers want it all. This isn’t going to happen unless readers complain. Loudly. Very loudly. And not just on blogs. They’ve changed their methods in the past because of reader complaints, IE: they no longer accept F/F stories of any sort because readers didn’t like them. Even if it was just a brief scene in a book. They started looking for more interracial and more M/M because readers requested them. I’d like to think that if readers start strongly requesting better books, they’d do something about it.”

“EC could go back to the quality they once had. They still have some great authors. But the great authors are being forced to wait months and months for release dates because the schedule chock full of what they’ve been putting out lately. They aren’t going to make that change unless they are made very aware that is needed. I’d like to see it happen before it’s too late.”

“I didn’t even get the cover until a week before release, which gave me no time to ask for changes, basically tying my hands. I wasn’t able to do any advertising or promo, which is almost impossible to do without a cover. But hey, I smiled and said thanks. I already knew bitching wasn’t going to get me anywhere.”

“I wanted to compliment you on drawing attention to the craphole EC has become. Unfortunately, I can’t publicly support you…In private, I’ll tell you they couldn’t manage their way out of a paper box with a flashlight. Bunch of incompetent idiots running that place. I’ve had the fortune to work with two really great editors at EC, but they both left long ago.”

“Unfortunately, the powers that be at EC can get very petty when they perceive one of their authors is being critical of them. Unfair to the point that they threaten legal action, claiming libel, slander and whatever. I don’t really want or need that trouble. So far, they haven’t ever caused me any trouble and I fly under their radar. I want to keep it that way. High seller or not, if some people at EC get ticked off at me, they will cause me trouble. They’ve done it for a couple of their highest sellers so I’m under no illusions it wouldn’t happen to me.”

“I will always be grateful for EC for giving me my start, but as long as it is financially feasible, I will not be writing anything else for them….after I finish my contracted commitments.”


“You can use my words, but not my name, please. I’m a coward and I’m scared of EC. I’ll tell you right now that they’re so incredibly litigious most of their authors are too scared to speak out (hence my wish to remain anonymous). That’s why you get such a love-fest online.”

It’s little things, like EC’s ongoing war against punctuation. I had all the colons and semi-colons taken out of my book, and a lot of the commas too (for instance a character saying, “Karen, wait a minute,” would be changed to “Karen wait a minute.” Just…looks wrong to my eye). This is EC policy, actually sent out in their Style Sheet.

“Any request takes days to be answered, and if it involves Raelene, often weeks. Asking readers to email her will probably have little effect since her inbox is apparently the size of Texas. I had a couple of royalty requests…. that were either ignored or refused. The first cover I was given looked like it had been done in 10 minutes with Photoshop and bore little resemblance to the painstakingly written cover request I’d been encouraged to fill out in detail.”

“The bigger issue, the one that really annoys me. EC now issues, what, eight e-books a week? But hardly anything is getting into print. Every now and then we get a marvellously exciting email about some new print partner, but the fact remains that EC hasn’t made a print schedule available to authors since August last year.”

“We were told we’d be notified 10-12 weeks before our books went into print, and that as Raelene had had so many emails asking for more details, we weren’t to ask any more. That’s right, we were told not to ask when our books would be coming out. No matter that any promotion worth its while in a big publication needs far more than 3 months’ notice. There wasn’t even a ballpark figure to go on.”

“EC has such a tight grip on contracts that getting your rights back is now relegated to the status of mythic legend, and according to rumour they’re getting worse, adding sneakier clauses (and remember newbie authors are way, way too poor to afford lawyers) and often refusing to negotiate. Still I’ve learned my lesson now… EC is treating authors like mushrooms these days: kept in the dark and fed on shit.”

So, there you have it, reading the above, and the numerous comments on previous posts leads me to conclude that something is definitely awry at EC. To borrow one of my mum’s favourite phrases; A thousand flies on shit can’t be wrong.

Will things change? Probably not. Do they care? I’m sure they do, but if they aren’t willing to change things up a bit for their readers, then it becomes a moot point.

Sex sells, and it sells well, but even the people who enjoy smut for the sake of it will start to get very tired, when nothing else is offered up.

This really isn’t a witch hunt. I have spent far too much money at EC to be slating them just for the sake of it. I simply want quality to win over quantity. I simply want authors who know the difference between erotic romance and porn. I simply want editors, who know what the word means.

I will happily continue to buy their books, if the standards improve. Whether that will happen, remains to be seen.

As for their mutually beneficial relationship with RT’s Kathryn Falk? Hmmmm….

Why would you go to a foreign land, and leave your three year old daughter in bed, whilst you go off to dinner with friends?

All I can think is that their other children were old enough to look after the toddler.

If the other children weren’t old enough, then I think the parents need flogging.

I really hope the authorities find her before whoever’s got her does something bad to her.

I woke up this morning feeling sick with the fear that she’s been murdered.

I hope they find Madeleine. I really do.

Oh. My. God….

Friday, May 4, 2007
Posted in: I tell ya...

I just can’t believe it!

I Missed Beck’s 32nd Birthday Goddammit!!!

(What? It’s an important occasion! *g*)


If this is really her, and I can’t think that it isn’t, but I’m sure somebody will let her know that her name is being used in vain if it isn’t, she’s obviously never visited this blog before, or else she wouldn’t have given me such amazing fodder for my blog.

Sit back and read, this may take a while, because her rant was long, and drawn out, and shows me why some people shouldn’t be let out in public…

“Dear Karen

I am still in Texas at our SOS Soldiers Retreat, recuperating from the very busy and successful 24th Annual Booklovers Convention. There was a lot of warm feelings of family and good friendships this past week.

Many new “RT virgins” attended and I look forward to seeing more newly published authors and offshoot businesses spinning off of this event.

Which brings me to my concern about your blog.

I’m sitting here now with Rosemary Potter, a passionate seller of new American books, and an early promoter of Erotica and small presses. With her is Margaret Bell, another enthusiastic bookseller from Australia.

I’m sorry they had to overhear my incoming calls and become aware of emails directed to me concerning such negative nasty comments on your blog from romance book people. It was an eye opener I wish they hadn’t experienced.”

I feel so honoured, people ringing RT to talk about my lil ‘ole blog? Be still my beating heart, I’ve finally arrived, now where the hell is my tiara…?

“I am very proud of Ellora’s Cave and the small presses run by women. I am proud of any woman who writes erotica and gets published. I know how tough it is. I am the only woman who owns a magazine (except for Oprah and Martha) and no woman has ever owned a publishing house in New York. Be it Harlequin, Berkley, Dorchester or Kensington, it’s owned by businessMEN.

This has been the situation since I started up in 1981. That is why I have been so supportive of e-publishing women and will continue to be. None of us had money to invest, instead we invested ourselves and our hearts.

Do I think we are all brilliant and perfect? Of course not. But we do our best and that’s what counts. We have to try harder in publishing. Whoever thinks that anger and mean criticism helps our genre is off base.

None of our members deserve such ridiculous bloggers, especially from mean-spirited women posting notes from the quiet of their houses while those in the rat race of business life are working long hours. To think you only have time to promote personal vendettas is sad.”

Hey, I take offence at the notion that I work long hours, I’m currently sitting here, a margarita in one hand, and a J.D. Robb book in the other, a Julien McDonald scarf wrapped round my head, Jackie O-type sunglasses, and my extra comfy orange striped kaftan, wrapped round my sylph-like body…

“If this was investigated, I suspect there’s more to this than meets the eye.

E-publishers had little support in the beginning. I made certain my magazine promoted them to the best of our ability. Ellora’s Cave, in particular, has always been savvy and displayed great energy and enthusiasm from the very first time I encountered them. They deserve respect for l3eading the way, as does Red Sage and other erotica companies that paved the way. Attacking them is mindless. Positivity is the key to helping our genre.

Many newcomers followed them and their companies are now run by women as well, I feel we should all feel protective towards all of them. Most businesses fail in 2-3 years, people who succeed beyond that have something special.

I don’t want that flame of passion for books and e-publishing to ever be extinguished for our loyal readers. If one “hurts” — be it something nasty published towards a publisher, editor, or author. We should all hurt unless we are heatless.

Learning that so-called romance enthusiasts on your blog are referred to as bleeding hearts or an idiot, is not acceptable.”

*cue dramatic cry* “If you cut me, do I not bleed…?” I’m really getting into this tale of betrayal and deceit…

“Unless your bloggers are genuinely perverse and have no regard for people’s feelings and livelihood, then I predict you all will needlessly add turmoil and discontent to yourselves. I hope you are ready to take responsibility for some of your remarks.

Writing is a livelihood and those kinds of attacks are of no value. Nor does it give your blog credibility or vital interest in the long run. Disrespect for our industry and its members reflects the dark nature of the person spewing it — not the object of the attack.

We’ve never communicated, and I would have telephoned if I’d had a direct number. But I would like to nip this in the bud if it’s possible. I’m told you are living in England and since I’ll be there July 15, in Barrow, perhaps you’d like to meet up at our summer prom? Anyone in the romance world would enjoy it and is invited. We have a lot to discuss, perhaps.

I am certainly aware of the function of blogs, but Romance Books are not a Political forum. We are a fantasy business that reflects Everywoman. She doesn’t want sadness, discontent, fighting and negativity in her life, for that she watches the news or reads the newspapers. Our writers and editors are sometimes fragile, as the line of our work is pure emotion.

I question if your blog today (Tuesday) is being used — I repeat – being used — to spread inaccuracies and ill will. It appears to be promoting everything romance books do not stand for. These personal attacks are embarrassing, hurtful, and do not reflect our hardworking community.”

Hey, that’s realllllly offensive. My blog is interesting dammit!

“You are in the position to tell troublemakers to move on or get out of the book biz, and if possible, learn who the Liars are….

Please start by asking them to not muddy our waters with ugly suppositions and invalidated comments — and to be impeccable with their words — this would be an excellent practice of gratitude and most appreciated.

Some of the postings are obviously from unhappy unpublished/published individuals who deem it appropriate to share their pent up angst and intensely personal attacks on your blog. I’ve never understood why some writers feel that other people’s success affects their lack of it.

Putting down editors and writers also displays a lack of knowledge about this industry. Romance is the most successful genre of all time because people have banded together with a collective consciousness to do good not evil. This is true camaraderie. I hope it continues or we will perish.

All publishers do their best. All authors do their best. My reviewers do their best. It’s a plus for our community that this is so.

I know there are small minded people who have difficulty in loving what we do, even though it’s what they want to do, In the long run they are spreading negativity about themselves.

Why not realize that authors are sensitive, and so are publishers — and inflicting harmful words does all of us a disservice. I was attacked for starting a romance magazine. I was attacked for discovering Fabio and predicting he would be a household word. I was attacked for just about every successful thing I’ve accomplished.

But, it wasn’t the men who attacked me in this business (with the exception of one crooked literary agent!!) but the women.
As Bertrice Small says to those women who tried to put her down: “Honey, I laugh all the way to the bank, they don’t even have an account.””

OK, I get it, authors are sensitive, and Bertrice Small has lots of money. I love this whole learning about the industry thing, isn’t it fun?

“It’s easy to spot jealousy, it’s usually against the successes of our business. Our industry has always created tremendous resentment for those with small minds. They have no idea of the complexities of business, or they wouldn’t go around complaining.


There is constructive criticism and there is destructive criticism. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the difference.

Nothing goes in a straight line — every problem is actually a situation in publishing. And every situation is a learning experience and an opportunity to grow.

My advice to authors who appear to be on a mean streak: The big picture is — where do you want to fit in and how do you see yourself in our industry in five years? How do you see the industry if you’re causing havoc and spreading a virus of negativity?
Put your energy on what you want, and don’t waste the moment thinking so negatively of others. It hurts your peace of mind and is an obstacle to your success.

I believe our books and publishers provide enough categories and reviews to please ALL the many types of readers. Everyone has and deserves diverse reading choices and preferences.

Bloggers who have no idea of the work it takes to be an author and a publisher in today’s competitive market should not be welcome on board. And if you check into the sales of some of the people you’re “dissing” don’t be surprised to see they sell well, or is that the reason they are the object of your disaffection?

Some people in our community do make more money and gather more acclaim but there’s a reason — they are more in touch with the readers and they are more positive.

They possibly work with positive energy at what they love. Fanaticism is the key to success. Publishers support winners and sales figures determines who stays and who goes. This isn’t personal, this is business.”

Hey this woman is a business guru too, I love that whole fanaticism being the key to success, that may explain why Charles Manson was so darn successful…

“Primarily, successful writers do not dwell on rage and anger and others’ discomfort. Personal attacks are not fodder or successful people but spring from the opposite personality type — the loser displaying her anxieties and insecurities, the very things that holds her back from building a strong writing career.

I’ve learned in the past quarter of a century that truly successful people are compassionate and helpful. We have had some insensitive people writing sensitive books, but there’s a reason if you look beyond.

One writer was the child of alcoholics, another makes millions but still lurks around the Internet because she has a tremendous need to be in control. One is suffering because her child died. Their actions deserve compassion.”

Would this be a good time to mention that my daddy left the house over six years ago, and didn’t come back because some truck driver caved his car in? Perhaps not, carry on…

“That’s the way of the world. But they are not muddying our waters so that booksellers from Australia and newcomers have to hear about it. Compassion does not breed contempt.

New writers and new readers have an option the old-timers didn’t have — the use of the Internet. So use it to improve our slice of the publishing industry. Together we grow, separated we cut our chances.

To learn how to be positive and attract abundance, watch “The Secret” documentary. Today there is help in showing you how to attract the success you crave. And, believing in yourself is the essential trait, not behaving negatively.

You don’t have to feel confused and resentful about a romance writing career if you are truly of good heart. Occupying your mind with ill thoughts or wallowng in attracting negative people and forming negative perceptions just continues to perpetuate the cycle of feeling unsuccessful.

Emotions make things happen, and the people on your posting should be aware that everyone’s words have power; they come back to wreak havoc on the speakers, be it their health, wealth, or happiness. I’ve never seen it fail.

Perhaps the nay seekers should read Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, about the Four Statements of Life. He says simply:

Your Words Should be Impeccable (they have power, don’t voice negative things)
Don’t Pass Judgment (it reveals self esteem)
Don’t Take Things Personally (comments to hurt you are really the speakers self-thoughts)
Do Your Best”

Shit, this woman could be our new Oprah, she’s good.

“I have heard from several people on your post who are saddened by what they read today. One person mentioned has offered her resignation. Another is contemplatiing suicide. Is that what you intended for your blog? Do you want this on your conscience?

To most of us who devote our lives to publishing, romance is uplifting and increases joyfulness. These intensely negative and vituperative postings make our role so much harder and — most important, cause booksellers and others to doubt their own dedication.

Anyone who thinks this kind of dialogue on a blog is valuable is truly sick in the heart and the head.

Everyone reflects our genre, particularly those who are vicious. You can help by encouraging bloggers to consider the repercussions of their actions before lashing out.

This action, be it name calling or hatred, only reflects the speaker’s deep pent up anger that started long before their involvement with the romance community.

All writers should know that you can lose support faster than you can build it. So why should the builders ever spawn such negativity? Do you want publishers, booksellers and readers to doubt the validity of their commitment to the romance genre?

We should be aware that giving recognition to romance bloggers who spew vindictiveness that is personal and harmful, is out of line and out of place, and out of control. This attracts more of the same for the blogger, I might add. Like always attracts Like.

Blogs of this nature are harmful when they could be productive. Giving frustrated voices a place to say outrageous things to destroy is evil. Why not encourage frustrated women to spin to the positive?

I’m embarrassed that hardworking booksellers in Australia who authentically love romance novels and the romance authors had to learn that book bloggers endorse people offend our customers — the booksellers and readers. Someone should stand up and say: I’m not taking this anymore.”

Oh the drama…..

“Everyone is on such a “high” about the world of romance books after our Houston get together.

So many people, particularly authors and publishers, are passionately devoted to writing and promoting romance. We all spend long hours at the computers, to the point of endangering our health to be part of the romance community.

The blog in question that you posted, bashing one or more publishers and authors, is detrimental to the principles of romance.
If you have influence, please spend your time helping our romance community. People are sensitive and a string of suicides is not what is needed.”

Take me to the gallows now, I am a bad, bad person!

“The bashing and airing of such personal attacks is a personal issue reflective of the writer and her rage. From what I see, people with an axe to grind are using you. They sound like (according to today’s diatribes) rejected disgruntled suitors in a romance novel seeking to undermine good will. Why shouldn’t your blog be used for fun and joy, not hatred and harmfulness?

I’m sure you didn’t intend such a sad development, and can be more aware.

This bashing is reflective of personal dissatisfaction, not our book biz. They remind me of novel and movie villains who don’t know they are wrong — they think they are just guys trying to make it. However, like attracts like, and nothing good or positive can come out of inappropriate behavior.

It’s such a “low” (after a week of “high”) to hear that people are attacking and causing unnecessary dissension. WE (the Australian booksellers included) ask ourselves, what is the benefit of this?

We don’t have time to pay much attention to blogs, but when we hear of people are upset by inconsiderate vicious bloggers who seem committed to spreading bad feelings instead of working in harmony for the good of all, it makes us wonder about who we are supporting with our businesses!!!

I salute those who say “I won’t condone such viciousness about publishers and writers”. And I warn all to be aware of hearing more pent up rage comments; the good will attract someone’s wrath as this site has attracted a strange frustrated breed of bloggers.

If this kind of negative mood and behavior is allowed to spread, I predict that no one will care or dare to support romance in the future.

It will set us back years if we are portrayed as a bunch of jealous females baring their claws, upsetting our colleagues, and seemingly approving of a small group of savagely narcisstic women who can’t stand to see other people succeed.

We know what to do: support our editors and publishers, support our booksellers and authors, or — if you can’t say “nice” — say nothing. Your words have power, use them appropriately and you will benefit the romance book biz and be a standard bearer. Also, you’ll benefit from peace of mind as well.

I wish you all peace and bliss….and the enlightenment to pass over a rough patch and avoid this ever happening again.

Kathryn Falk
CEO RT BookReviews Magazine
Rosemary and Margaret Booksellers

OK guys, you can all come out now, she’s done. Wasn’t that an eye-opener? Hehehehehehehe… (Incidentally, she wrote this in the Carol Lynne review post below, I thought I’d give it the attention it deserves, heheh..)

Well, according to Seressia Glass… Not many of you.

She writes:

So, were you one of the readers who saw a black author, and moved right along? You probably did, and weren’t even aware of your sub-conscious choice. Which is pretty sad I think.

The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess.

The question is a rhetorical one by the way…