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New Concepts’ RT Photos…

Saturday, May 3, 2008
Posted in: New Concepts Publishing

Andrea DePasture, Some Model Person, and Madris DePasture

I wandered over to C’um Hither Global, and came across this link to New Concepts’ RT photo gallery.

As Peter Piper already noted, there seemed to be very few photos of NCP authors in this collection. I wonder where they all were?

I was forwarded the following e-mail by a number of people a few days ago. It’s basically an assurance from Patty Marks to the EC Biz Loop, telling the authors that the RT stuff that’s been reported around the blogs, is a pack of lies.

I’ve edited out the boring irrelevant bits of course:

…Then our cover models followed up with their dance routines – no, there is no stripping, unless one considers bare chests and six packs stripping – yes, there are some suggestive moves – but, except for the at the very beginning when Christian (who was dressed in construction worker garb) showed his chest and six pack and did a little belly wiggle – there was NO STRIPPING, crotch grabbing or any other show of disrespect for either the military or the American flag during the God Bless the USA number.

The Greased Lightning routine was a bit more risque’, but until recently the only complaints I received was that the routine was slightly too tame – much more tame than last year. (Once again, last year’s routine also involved no stripping – but showed more chest and abs and the dances were more animated)…

The only other complaint I have personally received is the one that has been made very public on loops and blogs and that was expressed over and over and over again by that particular person to whomever was willing to listen.

I suspected another agenda and yesterday was told {K: I bet Ann Jacobs did the telling.} that the same person who is expressing her opinions as an upset author IS AND HAS BEEN the marketing director – using an alias on their website – of the publishing company owned by the person who has filed a suit against EC – which was also “leaked” to blogs well
before we were even made aware of the filing (see biz loop message #21889, dated April 8, 2008) – and introduced herself as such at that publisher’s RT function on Sunday.

While not surprised and personally I would like to express my feelings regarding these
highly questionable tactics, as I stated in the aforementioned biz loop message, I will state again: “Please be assured that we will continue to maintain our professionalism and defend our business’, authors’ and readers’ interests.” This will all be addressed in the proper forum.

That being said, I do take concerns seriously and I did email
Kathryn Falk regarding the routines and she responded with the following:

“Dear Patty

I was not offended by anything I saw. There are always some risque dance movements going on, but most people laugh it off, I hope. I personally enjoy a little “chippendale” action from the guys. It’s fun -and makes people chuckle.

Big John was a joy to have throughout the convention, as was Jason, Sly and other familiar faces from your calendar. They were most helpful and contributed much to the event. You have some very nice representatives that I hope will always be at our conventions.

Your Calendar is such a popular item. I brought back several for some military wives coming to the SOS retreat next month. They asked for them specifically. I hope you’ll bring Cavemen to your party and other events next year. The readers and booksellers would sorely miss your “eye candy” as more than one booklover said to me.

Saluti, Kathryn”…

So there you have it, Kathryn  Falk says it’s ok, so all’s well with the world.


Scions: Insurrection, by Patrice Michelle

This is the second novel in the paranormal romance “Scions” trilogy put out by Silhouette Nocturne. You can read my review of the first, Scions: Resurrection, here. The third and last, Scions: Revelation, comes out in the Fall.

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Humanity had reason to fear vampires. But they didn’t know about werewolves. Yet.
When Detective Kaitlyn McKinney responds to a call about a strange, burned body, she discovers something far more complicated—and dangerous.
Landon Rourke is a werewolf, exiled from his pack and dedicated to keeping a protective watch over Kaitlyn. A prophecy has said that his kind and vampires would one day come to a truce. But that day has yet to come.
Landon has his own past to deal with, too, involving Kaitie herself. A dark truth that has kept them apart for years. When Kaitlyn gets caught up in the battle between vampires and werewolves, the long-simmering attraction that she shares with Landon ignites. And in that attraction they find the secret that will bring them together…
Scions: A prophecy reveals hidden secrets and holds the key to fulfilling their ultimate desires.

In Scions: Resurrection, we learn that, unbeknownst to their human creators, the vampires in turn created the werewolves to satisfy their need to hunt. Obviously, werewolves resented the vampires control over their very existence, and took advantage to break free and hide when, at some point after the vampires rebelled, the latter started dying from consuming poisonous human blood. (The timeline is still fuzzy for me, by the way.)

During this period, Landon accidentally kills a human who was trying to kill one of his packmates, and has since felt deep guilt over the incident. Kaitlyn for her part has always felt a compulsion to follow in her father’s footsteps and so becomes a detective. What no one knows is that she has always had the ability to see dead people’s auras—or energy imprints—which has helped her in her career. (more…)

Dear Karen,

I’m Dianne Cull of Harlequin’s Internet and Digital team and I wanted to remind you and your readers that Nocturne Bites is launching on May 1st!

Readers can satisfy their craving for paranormal romance with these original short stories – only available in eBook format. Our launch title is Racing the Moon by Michele Hauf and for the month of May, most sites are offering the title at a special promotion price. I hope that you and your readers enjoy Nocturne Bites!

If you have any questions about our Bites or any of our other books drop me a line!


Dianne Cull

Internet & Digital Team

Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.

Needless to say, seeing as I’m allergic to paranormals, the news didn’t really interest me, but as you guys know, I’m all about sharing information. *g*