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I can’t lie, I was horrified when I saw this article about a job advertisement that called for an “attractive” and “young” female.

The job advertisement was placed by a South African company, offering between 28000 rands and 36000 rands per month. (between £2500 and £3200)

Check it out:

“Multinational businessman seeks to employ an attractive young lady between the age of 18 and 35 to join our ever-growing company,” the advert read. “You must be friendly, dynamic and exciting to work with.

“There is an excellent compensation package, provided you have a flirtatious nature, and a wardrobe that will send my imagination tingling.”

“Please note that you will be required to be open-minded and mix business with loads of pleasure,” the advert continued. “Experience is not vital. What matters is your looks and your ability to hold a conversation.

“All that needs to be learnt will be taught to you.”

Wow, is that how they do things in the South African recruitment adverts market? Not sure that this bloke really wants a secretary…

Via Digital Spy