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This was in response to my post about breast-feeding older kids:

Breastfeeding has more benefits than the medical field is aware of. But if you want to know according to the “experts” breastfeeding lowers risks of getting all kinds of illnesses and diseases for both mother and child in the future. It can only make sense then that the more you do it the better it is for both.

For me, I cannot afford not to, I suffer with severe FMS and I have no doubt that at this stage had I not been doing this I would be in a much worse situation health wise, it is more than worth the effort. In this western world the real issue is all about image and some perverse thought that it looks bad, I think people who think that there is something wrong with breastfeeding at any age have this perverseness in them and they should be called petifiles instead of women who are doing the right thing having to deal with the perverse opinion of these people because I just can’t understand what other problem these people who even question whether it should be done or not have with it. And I wish there was some way of protecting the children from being exposed to this jading opinion to protect their innocence. We should be ENCOURAGED TO DO THIS NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN OURSELVES FOR GODS SAKE


Really Rita?