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"Not someone like that"

“Not someone like that”

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks, cranky AztecLady, rant

I’m a bit hesitant to post this because the exchange started in a different venue where I’d rather not create trouble for the moderators–especially since technically I’m still one of them.

So, if I may, let’s keep whatever discussion ensues over here, please. With that said…

This is what happened: remember how I posted that I’m in love with this video? Well, there’s a thread in the music area of that other forum devoted to all things Adele. Obviously I had to share the love, right? So far so good. Some people comment that they don’t get the video, blah blah and then this guy says that the video doesn’t make sense because (and I quote): (more…)

Long, long ago (yet not all that far away)

In a previous incarnation of KKB, Karen posted a NSFW and over-18-only image.

Through the years, it has (predictably) continued to get some traffic. There’s your usual spam and trolling (which I always enjoy blasting away), but occasionally someone posted a pertinent comment, which is why it has remained open.**

The last comment in there as of right now, from Dan, is this:

It does seem weird to me that people are ridiculing this guy for literally the one thing about himself he has no power over and can’t change. What the fuck?

“What the fuck?”


Can this guy (or anyone) be honestly surprised about people piling on someone over something that cannot be changed? Haven’t women particularly been often criticized, mocked, ridiculed, ogled, and even shunned for things that they cannot change?

Often pretty women are consistently considered stupid–because they are pretty. Women who are ‘built’ are often viewed suspiciously, as if having a figure automatically made them whores.

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** I would love it if someone would tell me how I can close comments while allowing existing comments to show–I’m sure it’s me, but WordPress is not allowing me to do that right now.