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New Years Resolutions -- I'm Not Late, I'm Taking My Time

Lately I’ve been realizing that when it comes to books, I have a terrible case of Attention Deficit — ooo, shiny! It seems to be a fairly common condition amongst book lovers who spend a lot of time on social media.¬† We buy — and borrow, if we’re moderately sane — massive numbers of books, all of which we genuinely want to read. And then someone dangles a tempting new book in front of us, and we’re off on the hunt again. The books we already have fade away, sometimes so much that we accidentally buy them again.

Weirdly, the problem is self-perpetuating. The more pressure I feel from too many unread books, the more likely I am to be restless and unable to concentrate, which sends me off looking for more books to acquire instead of actually reading. Perhaps it makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something.

Forget trying to read more books¬† — my only reading goal for this year is to break the cycle. I want to slow down, stop trying to stay on top of an exploding genre, and focus on books which I know I genuinely want to read, not books that everyone else is reading. To finish series I enjoy instead of starting new ones other people enjoy. To read books outside the romance genre, or to reread, without feeling like I’m wasting time. And perhaps most importantly, to stop acquiring new ones on a whim.

I’m off to a great start — the fourteen books I’ve read this year include nonfiction, science fiction, a book from my long neglected “reread before tossing” pile, some series catch up, and an old favorite. (I always seem to start the new year with a reread, for some reason.) And, because social media is still fun, one book that everyone else was reading, so we could talk about it.

Here’s to a more peaceful reading year.