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Thank you for all the words, Ms Small

Thank you for all the words, Ms Small

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

Late on February 24th, Twitter went a little crazy with the news that Bertrice Small, one of the original Avon Ladies, and a pioneer in the world of erotic romances, has passed away.

As I type this, I cannot find any official announcements.

Updated: US Today finally posted something–written by Joyce Lamb: (more…)

EC v DA shenanigans and filings

Deirdre Saoirse Moen has a number of recent posts on the amazingly tasteless behaviour of Ellora’s Cave principals and staff.

Check out Double Entry Divas and The Sunken Queen for more.

The Defense filed its objection to TiNut’s motion to quash the subpoena, and Courtney Milan explains both that and what the gag order meant for the parties, here.


Calling people formerly associated with Ellora's Cave...

If you were at some point in the past associated in any way with Ellora’s Cave and happened to download a copy the video I describe below, please contact Ms Deirdre Saoirse Moen as soon as you possibly can.

The video:


Another one bites the dust...

…though so far it seems this publisher is behaving as well as possible under the circumstances.

Please bear in mind while reading this that this is all gleaned from sources available to everyone else–I don’t have super sekrit sources nor am I affiliated-non-affiliated with anyone at Musa Publishing. (In fact, until today I hadn’t even heard of them.)

After the Aspen Mountain Press implosion, some of the staff banded together and formed Musa, and apparently things were pretty good for the authors who contracted with them.

For a while.


Signs of life... (EC v DA)

…but not here.

Go there.


(Sorry about that, but there’s only one of me to create content for two blogs and a forum–plus work–which means something’s gotta give at times)

The difference is very clear, I'm sure...

…for the people whose heads are rolling on the ground and for their families.

The clear difference between ISIS beheading people and Saudi Arabia beheading people?

Saudi Arabia has lots and lots of oil, ISIS not so much.

Anyone who claims any other difference is full of utter bullshit.

Justice system, courts? What justice, when the accused are tortured into confessing and then executed, without benefit of defense lawyers, and all that’s needed as evidence is religious hysteria?