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Finally! (aka, Bill Cosby charged with rape)

It’s taken decades, and the outcome is still uncertain–despite Cosby own words in a deposition, juries and the public tend to blame rape survivors for their attackers actions–but finally! Bill Cosby has been charged with rape.

Cosby has sued several of the dozens–dozens!–of women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault, and his lawyers are fighting a subpoena for his wife, who has publicly supported him.

I wonder how many more women have yet to speak up…

Nursery Room Reveal...

This room used to be my library room and TTG’s trophy room, it looks sooo different now. As you guys can see, I had to make a lot of concessions regarding the amount of pink in the room. There just aren’t that many pretty things in other colours that I like. I still managed to have three walls painted with my buttercream. TTG got the one pink wall.


TTG originally wanted her to have the big room that we normally reserve for guests, but I wanted something much cosier. I just didn’t like the thought of her in a huge room. When she’s older, we ca move her. Also, you can’t see during the day, but there are stars and all the planets in the solar system on her ceiling. They light up at night and I love them! All that’s left to do is to put up my collage of strong women, including Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Amelia Earhart, etc… Waddaya think?


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Furry friends...

Furry friends…


Yet another update - EC v DA

Brief comments, some numbers, and a couple of links in the comments, here.

Also,  I recommend checking out this post at Zenobia Renquist’s blog. I hope she continues to update with more links–I’ve seen at least two more requests in that vein by EC authors.