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Leap Year One Day Sale at Samhain (and other important PSA)

Today only, everything in digital is 40% off at Samhain Publishing. Go here and get something good to read!

Remember: Samhain announced on Friday that they are winding down–it will be months before they shut their virtual doors. In the meantime, all those authors who have books out, or slated to be released, will still get royalties for every copy sold. Go complete your library of favorites. Go try new to you authors–who may have long backlists, either with Samhain or elsewhere.

Compare and contrast 2.0

Oh my good lord, can Jaid Black be any more delusional?



Compare and contrast: Samhain is closing its doors.

I just saw a couple of tweets about Samhain Publishing that confirmed what some people read between the lines in a news bits posted a while back at Dear Author; they had closed submissions at the time, and now they have confirmed that they are closing their doors.

The email is here, but I’m keeping screenshots at KKB for posterity.

This news hits me and many other readers hard, for many reasons. Samhain Publishing has always had a stellar reputation, and people like Angela James (Carina Press editor) started there. Best wishes to all the authors, editors, staff and all subcontractors at Samhain. May you land on your feet, at a good place.

edited to add: Bree Bridges (writing half of Moira Rogers and Kit Rocha) has stepped up with this offer:

For those not aware, most epublishers, and at least one traditional publisher, that have gone out of business in the past decade or so, do not, by far, do it in so professional, classy, and direct manner. If I started listing publishers who have imploded in disgraceful and hateful ways, on the way to shutting down, it would take a long while.

The opposite list only has one name: Samhain.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

Some of our readers may know that Torquere Press LLC is having…issues *cough*

However, when I saw this tweet:

my first reaction was, “Amateurs! Ellora’s Cave owes several authors royalties from the beginning of 2015