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Queen Camilla, to Be Or Not To Be?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
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As most of you know, Prince Charles Married Camilla on Saturday, what I want to know is, did anybody else find themselves being moved by the ceremony (the five minutes of it, I was able to watch in between inadvertently killing a frog with the lawnmower)? Now I’ve always thought Charlie boy was a bit of a toad, and Camilla, his horse errant, but I actually stopped and thought about it, without the whole emotional Princess Diana, woman done wrong thing, etc. etc. etc.

Can we really help who we fall in love with? Charles should have married Camilla the first time round, this would have definitely saved a lot of people. a lot of grief, had he done so, but surely what’s done is done? Do we not have to move on now? Here in Britain most people are up in arms about the whole nasty affair, but the facts are, this relationship was meant to be, these two people love each other, and they have proven it time and time again. I can’t believe they started their affair 5 years before I was even a tadpole!

I realise that his position as queen, erm sorry, prince, means that he has to be whiter than white, but come on, nobody’s that perfect, and lets face it, there’s a reason why D.I.V.O.R.C.E is on the up and up, and it’s not all due to the fact that women can now vote! So I say this: It’s time to forgive and forget, and leave these two people alone to get on with their personal lives, afterall, they may just discover that married life isn’t as exciting as an illicit affair.


  • Jennlor
    April 13
    1:39 pm

    Well my only problem is that I think the whole marrying diana fiasco was planned by Charles and Camelia so it reeks.


  • Sarah McCarty
    April 13
    2:39 pm

    Ok, if they were a heroine and hero in a novel you would hate them for the total lack of character and ethics they have displayed their entire lives.

    Personally, I’m just glad they have decided, at least for the momet, to inflict themselves on each other. But I do wish they’d get off my TV screen. Do I think they will be faithful to each other? No. Do I think either will care? Again no, as long the unfaithfulness doesn’t beome embarrassing. Do I think they love each other? Probably, as much as any two very shallow self-centered people are able to express that emotion. In that respect, I do think they are perfect for each other.

    Sarah who sees nothing remotely romantic in this union


  • Dawn Brookes
    April 13
    3:14 pm

    I wish they’d get off the TV as well. I really don’t care for the whole “well you can see that they really love each other and it’s been an enduring love” crap. They both cheated on their spouses. There seems to be in some circles the thought that because he’s the Heir to the Throne that it’s alright and almost expected that he should have a mistress, and that it’s alright for her as he is the HttT. Ultimately, the ones to suffer have been both sets of children.

    That deep enough? 😉


  • Sheryl
    April 14
    12:24 am

    As others have said, “I wish they’d get off my TV”. I would prefer to watch something more appetizing than those two.

    Do I think they’re made for each other? YES!! Do I think this marriage will work? Not sure there but in the end they both got what they wanted and if it’s a misery for them both, well they only have themselves to blame.
    For me cheating is cheating and I would have cut off his balls to make sure he wouldn’t be getting any pleasure out of them!

    ‘Nuff said!


  • Ella
    April 18
    10:13 pm

    Are you kidding me? Adultery is adultery, she’s a sour faced bitch, and he’s an I-talk-to-plants-cos-I’m-a-loony son of a bitch, no, I don’t forgive them, if it wasn’t for them, Diana would still be alive, I still think they bumped her off.


  • Kim
    April 24
    1:04 pm

    Well I think they deserve each other, I’m in complete agreement with Sarah, there’s nothing remotely romantic about this couple. they ruined a lot of lives to get to where they are now, and I think that both of them are unbearably selfish people.


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