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I just saw something that made me laugh out loud, bless her heart, but an overly enthusiastic reader just sent a generic e-mail to a whole lotta groups, selflessly promoting a certain author, I read the e-mails (which I received several times, as I’m member of most of these groups) and silently wondered how long it would be before somebody told her off for shamelessly promoting another author on other people’s lists. I did wonder if anybody would dare break the ‘I’m far too Polite to Rock the Boat’ trend, and say something to her about it. Well not five minutes later, an e-mail came through basically telling her that they had deleted her post, and verbally smacked her wrist for not following the cardinal group rule, NO PROMOTIONS OF ANY KIND ON OTHER PEOPLE’S LISTS!!! Oh how I laughed!!

Poor reader, gaffes on these group lists haunt you for a very long time, I know, I’ve made several at one point or another!!

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  • Paz
    April 17
    7:47 pm

    LOL! Poor reader — what an experience to have, but it’s a good lesson. There are some rules we need to know and follow as a Group participants. 😉 At least ask for permission to post those kind of things. Right?

    Paz 😉


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