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Was I the only person who rolled their eyes at the news that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were expecting their first baby?

What is it with these Hollywood fools, they are all in such a darn hurry to do everything. Britney is nothing more than a baby herself, why oh why did she have to get herself her very own ball and chain. We all know it’s not going to last, I’ve given them till next year before news paper reports appear on how he’s suing her for half of her earnings.. (Liza Minelli, and David Gest anybody…?)

I bet by the time she gets bloated with child, he’ll be looking for his next meal ticket, and we’ll be left with the refrain of “Ooops She did it again, but now she has a baby”.
Did she learn nothing from Jennifer Lopez? if you’re rich and famous, never marry anybody with less money than you, especially if they have a bad hair cut, and they dance for a living.

Jlo I’m sure would be the first to tell Britney, that her love, far from not costing her a thing, took her to the cleaners, told the world about her most intimate secrets, then to add insult to injury started dating Samantha Mumba.

Britney will surely realise that she was probably better off with Justin Trousersnake, once it dawns on her that it wasn’t just her wit and charm that first caught Kevin’s eye. Lets hope that she has a good divorce lawyer waiting in the wings, because this is gonna cost her an arm and a heart.

Just in case you Americans are wondering, chavs is just another way of saying trailer trash…with money.

The subject of reviews, and their influence with readers, is a discussion point that always manages to make it’s way into various group lists. Do we trust them? Do they effect what book buying choices we make? What are they for, apart from either stroking an author’s ego or sending said author straight into therapy, after reading a bad review on one of their offerings. Probably the very same book that they shed, blood, sweat and tears over whilst writing it.

As you can probably tell, I’m very cynical when it comes to book reviews, there’s been too many reviews that I have disagreed with in the past for me to take them seriously.

With the e-book community being as incestuous as it is, it makes it even harder to trust reviews and reviewers. This is mainly due to reviewers interacting with the very same authors that they will probably have to review at one point or another. How do I know that I am getting an objective unbiased review? Well, I don’t.

As human beings, it’s hard to criticise someone you personally like, and to do it in a public arena is even worse, so I do think that from time to time it’s almost inevitable that objectivity would become a huge issue for some. I say this because I have read some work that was truly awful, both technically, and plot-wise, that were given high plaudits, and when you find out or know, that that reviewer happens to be on the authors group list, it sure makes you wonder…