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Erotic Romance, Part Porn Or Not?

Saturday, April 23, 2005
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Wow, there’s been some ruffled feathers within the Erotic Romance community lately, mainly due to one of our very own authors daring to speak her mind. Who’d a thunk it? Where did Polite Society Hell go? Woo Hooo, I say!!!

Apparently said author described her work as ‘porn’, which as I understand it upset a few people, authors and readers alike. My question is, so fucking what?

I have been on lists where the very same authors and readers who have lambasted the above author, have also described this genre as nothing more than porn, of course it’s been done, in a ‘wink-wink’, tongue-in- cheek way, but does that make it any more acceptable?
It seems to me, that if you’re not one of the celestially revered authors, whom everybody absolutely loves, and adores, it’s not acceptable to offer up such controversial thoughts. Yech!

I understand that authors who eke out a living writing romantica are probably incensed over having what they do downgraded as porn, but hell, is anybody gonna tell me that some of the content within romantica/erotica books is not pornographic in detail sometimes?

Ok. I’ll tell ya what, look at the sentence below, and you tell me that this isn’t in the least bit pornographic:

“You have the most beautiful cunt I’ve ever seen,” he said hoarsely, “so wet and juicy, so tight and swollen”

Go on, try to convince me that the above excerpt from a well known erotic romance author isn’t pornographic…. Go on, I dare you.

It may not be ‘porn’ per se, but it definitely has pornographic undertones.

The problem that authors have with being lumped in the same genre as porn, is that the word itself, has negative connotations. You can’t help but think of bad movies, with silicone enhanced barbie dolls, giving somebody as mortally UGLY as Ron Jeremy a blowjob (that’s right folks, I know who he is!). That happens only in porn movies right?

In my mind, erotic romance evokes a more sensual vision of sex, and incorporates love and romance, whereas, porn is just sex, nothing more, nothing less. This is why I believe, authors are so upset about one of their own apparently ‘rubbishing’ the entire genre.

Hell, I’ve read books that were supposedly erotic romance, but in reality were nothing more than porn-with-a-story-line. I know you’ve all read at least one of these kinda books, you know you have, so don’t deny it.

This whole argument is as bad as romance writers trying to tell the world that they don’t write romance books, they write stories about relationships (what a load of bollocks.) Denial is not just a river in Africa people.

As far as I’m concerned, if somebody tells me that what I read is porn, am I gonna go crazy? Am I gonna list the main differences between porn and erotic romance? I don’t think so, do you know why? Because I don’t give a shit that’s why. Is it gonna stop me reading erotic romance, just because somebody called it porn? Yeah, whatever!

Do I myself view erotic romances as porn? Not really, but erotica has it’s own name, so out of respect for the genre and the authors, that’s the name I use, but do I think said author should be hauled over the coals for telling it how she thinks it is? DO I BOLLOCKS!!! Translation for you Americans out there ‘Hell, no, and find another soap box to stand on!!’