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Now, I’m a Millennium gal, so really for me, this question shouldn’t even arise (ha ha, see what I did there?) but I was reading an M/M romance the other day, and without even realising it, I was skim reading the parts where they had sex! Hello, this is surely the best bits I hear you cry. Well, you can imagine how shocked I was to find myself doing that, I mean, I’m a liberated woman of the noughties, thus a little M/M backhole action is par with this age, is it not?

If I’d have been around when the famous feminists were yelling “burn your bra!” I would have been there like a shot… now come to think of it, it probably depends on how much I paid for that particular bra…. Ok I digress again, but seriously now that I look back on past M/F/M,erotic romance’s where there were two men involved, I realise that I actually did the same thing with them, read the parts where they were focusing on the female, but skimmed the parts were there was a little cock-to-cock action, or should I say Cock-to-back-hole, as was usually the case, and if they start to insert each others digits into their respective anus’s, well the whole thing becomes a butt clenching exercise, and I start to wriggle uncomfortably in my chair, so once again, I skim.

In trying to figure out why I just can’t enjoy purely M/M books, I’m plagued by the thought that perhaps… brace yourself for this… Perhaps, I’m a PRUDE!!!!! Aaaaaarghh!!!!! Yech, and Double Yech.

I really hate to think that I’m closer to my mother’s generation’s way of thinking, but then, I stop and think harder, dismissing the above thought and grasping onto a new one…. Brace yourself…. Perhaps it’s the whole ANUS RIDING THING that I’m uncomfortable with!? No, that aint it either. *Carries on thinking*. By jove I’ve got it. IT DEPENDS.

I recall reading a book by an author where the hero inserted a finger into the other hero’s ass (it was a M/F/M story) and I couldn’t help but think that perhaps he should have worn gloves whilst doing this, can you imagine? In the middle of what is supposed to be a mega hot sex scene, and all of a sudden, I visualise the giver, with yellow Marigold gloves on trying to avoid any untimely follow-throughs. Sheesh, it’s enough to kill any sexual moment I tell ya! I promptly moved on and skimmed. Yep, avoidance is sometimes a good thing.

On the other hand, I read Lacey Alexander’s French Quarter, Sin City, and Key West, which had some light M/M scenes, and not only did I not skim these parts, I read them and enjoyed them!!

In Rachel Bo’s first Strength in Numbers book, Double Jeopardy (another M/F/M) once again, I revelled in the M/M action, rather than shied away from it.

So people, I’ve decided that my skimming M/M sex scenes in books is completely the author’s fault. (I refuse to believe I’m a prude.) Now that I think about it, there are some M/F sexual marathons that I skim too, this is either because the sex scene was too long, or it was a complete snoozefest. I know that I can’t be the only one who hates sex sessions in erotic romances that get my eyes drooping sleepily!

So there you have it, I’m NOT a prude, the author just didn’t do a good enough job.