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Have I mentioned lately how boring some people on group lists are? In case you missed it, THERE ARE SOME INCREDIBLY BORING PEOPLE ON GROUP LISTS!!!!
There is a certain group member that every time I see their name pop up in my in-box, I just wanna go and slit my wrist because I know they will just not have anything remotely interesting to say!! Sheesh!! No wonder I mass delete so much!!

American Idol Conspiracy?

Monday, May 2, 2005
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Sheesh, what’s going on with American Idol this series? I didn’t particularly liked Constantine and Hair, but he was more talented than that Anthony Federov creature (AKA as Backstreet Boy’s Missing Member) who seems to have more lives than a cat!

Scott the Psycho should have gone by now seeing as he’s been doing a good imitation of a strangled hyena for the last few shows. Ryan Seacrest keeps harping on about how the votes this year have surpassed the votes from previous Idol shows, so what the heck does it mean when the above two are still in the line-up? Who in America is voting? This show’s getting as bad as the UK equivalent, where we tend to vote for the contestants we feel sorry for, rather than based on talent!

You have to wonder if the show’s producers are rigging the results!! SCANDALOUS.