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American Idol Conspiracy?

Monday, May 2, 2005
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Sheesh, what’s going on with American Idol this series? I didn’t particularly liked Constantine and Hair, but he was more talented than that Anthony Federov creature (AKA as Backstreet Boy’s Missing Member) who seems to have more lives than a cat!

Scott the Psycho should have gone by now seeing as he’s been doing a good imitation of a strangled hyena for the last few shows. Ryan Seacrest keeps harping on about how the votes this year have surpassed the votes from previous Idol shows, so what the heck does it mean when the above two are still in the line-up? Who in America is voting? This show’s getting as bad as the UK equivalent, where we tend to vote for the contestants we feel sorry for, rather than based on talent!

You have to wonder if the show’s producers are rigging the results!! SCANDALOUS.


  • Jenn
    May 2
    1:27 pm

    I know. I loved Constantine!
    How could he go before the other two?


  • Ella
    May 2
    2:02 pm

    I lost interest the moment Nadia was voted out, no doubt it’ll be their version of David Sneddon of Fame Academy all over again. Whatever happened to him?


  • Sarah McCarty
    May 2
    2:21 pm

    Contraversy brings in viewers so I imagine they keep it as annoying as possible onm purpose. I never believed it was ever strictly votes.

    It’s like when people get emotional over Survivor and the woman that was all alone on the island. Yeah. She’s alone. Just her and her camera crew and the director calling do overs on the shots that didnt’ come out right the first time. *sigh* It’s not real in any sense. It’s TV. And It’s all skewed to bring in the ratings.


  • Tammy
    May 2
    5:05 pm

    I wasn’t too heartbroken when Constantine was voted off, but I get your point about the blonde guy.

    I agree with Sarah, I’ve never really fully believed in the telephone voting anyway. Those who control it, have the power to make the results come out how they want.


  • Dawn
    May 2
    5:09 pm

    Personally, I’m glad that Cunstantine was voted off. I wanted to cut his lips off to prevent him ever pouting again. Hopefully this week Psycho Scott’ll go and then white-blond Anthony.


  • Paz
    May 2
    6:55 pm

    I like Anthony and Scott — especially because they are underdogs.

    Go Anthony, go!

    Paz (who doesn’t vote and doesn’t really care who wins)


  • Dawn
    May 3
    3:22 pm

    I don’t vote either Paz. Mainly because the cost from the UK to the US would be somewhat prohibitive. LOL


  • Karen Scott
    May 4
    12:06 pm

    Jenn, I don’t particularly like Constantine, but he was far more talented than some of the ones who are still there!

    Eloise dahhling, the only one that made it in Fame Academy was Lemar (drool), Alex Parks also bombed out!!

    Sarah, I think you’re probably right, but to be honest, I’m sure that, that strategy must backfire too, a lot of people are bound to stop watching if their favourites go out of the competition, I know that I lose interest once the person that I was routing for leaves the show.

    Tammy, I fear you are right *sigh*

    Dawn, LMAO at Cunstantine!! It would be pretty hard for us to vote anyway, seeing as the show airs live on Mondays in America (I think)

    Paz, Noooooooo!!! Not Anthony!!!!


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