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My Fave Read of the Week

Tuesday, May 3, 2005
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My reading has been fairly weak this week (huh, huh, see what I did there?) I have read a few books that I enjoyed moderately if not blown away by. This week though, the honor of my book of the week goes to…. *drum roll please*… After The Fire, by Jaid Black, writing as Tia Isabella.

The blurb goes something like this:

Girl Botonologist is from the future.

Girl Botonologist’s race will die unless she can retrieve a plant that only exists in the past,circa 1700 AD.

Girl Botonologist time travels to the past and lands in 18th Century England.

Boy Earl of Dukedom comes across Girl botonologist bathing naked in the river (of course…how else would they meet?)

Boy Earl of Dukedom is entranced by Girl Botonolgist and endeavours to make her his.

Boy Earl of Dukedom and Girl Botonolgist fall in love by Chapter four (no messing about here.)

Girl Botonologist and Boy Earl Of Dukedom, know that Girl Botonolgist cannot stay, because she has to save her race.

Girl Botonologist saves her people and her and Boy Earl of Dukedom live Happily ever after.

Now, this was my Read of The Week, mainly, because it made me laugh out loud. My favourite scene in the book, is when Girl Botonolgist tries teaching Boy Earl Dukedom’s mother the art of Kung Fu in secret!

Technically speaking, it wasn’t perfect, and there was some dodgy English language used, but on the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I thought it worthy enough to deserve the high plaudit of being my Read Of The Week! You may disagree.

My Worst Book of The Week, has to go to, As You Wish, by Myra Nour, the blurb was good and showed much promise, the book however was a snoozefest, I have read better from Myra, but this book wasn’t my cup of tea, and that’s as much as I’ll say.


  • Tammy
    May 3
    6:58 pm

    I love Jaid Black books, I could read her stuff, over and over.


  • Rocio
    May 3
    7:52 pm

    have you heard of writers block? Well I get readers block every once in a while. When you read too much too fast you start missing the point of it! All books seems to much alike, the sex scene too common, and so on!. That’s when I know I better take a break, probably read or re-read an oldie but too good one! and after a while I’m ready to try again. I love to read and the moment reading stop being pleasurable..I know I have to do something to fix that up!


  • Shelby
    May 3
    10:46 pm

    Just blog-hopped from Smart Bitches and found your site, I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. I love your take on book reviwing, it totally had me howling with laughter!

    Consider me officially addicted to your blog, and I’m adding you to my favorites tout suite!


  • Karen Scott
    May 4
    11:48 am

    Tammy, I lurve Jaid Black’s stories, they are all so interesting!

    Rocio, I’m with you one hundred percent on readers block, I go through phases where I inhale books, one after the other, and then I get to the point where if I read another romance, I’ll be sick, so I do what you do, I either take a break, or read a story that I absolutely love!

    Shelby, how witty are the ladies from Smart Bitches, one of the highlights of my day is when I go on their site and read their blogs, they are just too funny!

    BTW, welcome to my blog, and thanks for the compliments!!


  • Paz
    May 7
    8:22 pm

    I need reading breaks too, especially if it’s a really good book with wonderful characters and a stirring storyline. I like to let the story digest in my mind (if that makes sense). 😉

    And of course, I like to go back to read old favorites, too.



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