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I’ve just seen something on one of the lists where I mostly lurk, that has absolutely amazed me. A while ago, I posted an entry about an over-enthusiastic group member who started promoting one author on a lot of other author’s lists, she got verbally smacked for doing it last time. Well she’s at it again, I had to rub my eyes to make sure that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, but yep, definitely promo on somebody else’s list, sheesh, I can only assume that she’s had permission to do it, cuz nobody would be that stupid twice right?

My Favourite Read of The Week

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
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I’ve had another weak reading week. I read Camille Anthony’s ‘Wild in The City’ and ‘Fortrayn’s Forbidden Fling’, both of which I could have lived without. I also read Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh Walker, which was very average, so much so in fact, that I struggled to finish it if I’m honest.
I’m in a reading funk, and in this mood, it’s hard for me to tolerate anything less than brilliant.

I got so fed up this week, that I turned to a couple of my favourite Sharon Sala books, The Way To Yesterday, and Sweet Baby. My interest in romance was then rejuvenated for about twenty seconds until I started reading Adrian J Matthews’, ‘The Ninth Wave’. Sheesh, that book was hard work, and I have absolutely no inclination to finish it.

With not many books to choose from, my read of the week goes to…. Drum roll please….. Snowflakes on The Sea, written by Linda Lael Miller in 1984. Here’s the blurb:

Girl Actress is Married to Boy Singer.
Girl Actress and Boy Singer’s marriage is threatened by a scheming she-devil who wants Boy Singer for herself.
Girl Actress and Boy Singer’s marriage is also threatened by a scheming he-devil who wants Girl Actress for himself.
Girl Actress wants to settle down and have children, but doesn’t think that that’s what Boy Singer wants.
Boy Singer wants what they once had, but doesn’t know how to make things better.
The Scheming Duo set up Boy Singer, which results in some cross-country action.
Boy Singer and Girl Actress obviously love each other, but lack of communication is their worst enemy.
Girl Actress and Boy Singer eventually work it out, and live happily ever after!

I liked this book, because it was simple, no werewolves, no vampires, no ménages, no BDSM, no anal, no blowjobs, no aliens, with both sets of sexual organs, no nothing!! It was a very simple love story about one man, and one woman which I was able to read in one sitting, thank God!!!!!

Hollywood Gossip

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
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Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes (Joey in Dawson’s Creek) when did that happen, and more to the point whyyyyy!!!!!!!

Sick, Sick, Sick!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
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Wow, I just found out that somebody tried to contact Laurell K Hamilton whilst she was at RT, to tell her that her sick grandma, had just had a second stroke, and was about to die. What the fuck?

Apparently it may be a disgruntled fan? Excuse me? Fan? I don’t think so, this was done by a bunny-boiling, card carrying fruitcake. How cruel can a person be?

I recently read a blog on the Smart Bitches website, which talked about blowjobs in books. Back in the 1980’s the nearest the heroine’s mouth got to the hero’s love stick was usually when she was undoing his trousers, but then she promptly came back up, and did something inane like kiss his chest or chew on his ears or something.

Vicki Lewis Thompson introduced me to blow job scenes in one of her blaze titles, up till then, it had been just plain, kiss, thrust, tweak nipple, kiss, thrust, tweak nipple and then finally some more thrusting.

As for anal sex, what the hell was that! I have to say though that as a fourteen year old reading romance books, I don’t think anal sex was an education I was quite ready for. Going from Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High, to an Emma Holly-type book would have probably been too much for my teenybopper brain to comprehend.
Up until last July, when I discovered Elloras Cave

, I had never read any books, which had anal sex scenes in them, so thanks Lora Leigh *g*

As for BDSM, Once again, EC introduced me to the art of using whips, chains, and nipple clamps, and the whole pleasure/pain principle (my knowledge of these things have vastly improved) but generally, I prefer the lighter stuff. As for Dom’s and Subs, I’m too much of a feminist to truly enjoy such books (assuming that the female is made to be the sub).
In memory I can’t think of any Dom/sub books that I have ever truly enjoyed.
People tell me that Joey Hill’s Natural Law, was excellent, but I have yet to be swayed enough to buy it.

Which romance books introduced you to blowjobs, anal sex, and BDSM?