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Sick, Sick, Sick!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
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Wow, I just found out that somebody tried to contact Laurell K Hamilton whilst she was at RT, to tell her that her sick grandma, had just had a second stroke, and was about to die. What the fuck?

Apparently it may be a disgruntled fan? Excuse me? Fan? I don’t think so, this was done by a bunny-boiling, card carrying fruitcake. How cruel can a person be?


  • Tammy
    May 11
    7:38 pm

    Somebody actually did that to her? There sure are some sicko’s out there. I’m glad she talked about it on her blog, some people forget that authors are still only human beings at the end of the day.

    I like LKH’s books, I especially love her Anita Blake series. It’s a shame people have to take things so far.


  • Karen Scott
    May 12
    7:35 am

    I’ve never read a single LKH book Tammy, I’ve heard some really good things about her though, and I do intend to at some point, but I’m in a reading funk at the mo, and I might not do them justice

    Some people are just evil!


  • Ella
    May 15
    8:42 pm

    There are some shit arses about!


  • Karen Scott
    May 15
    10:36 pm

    LOL!!!! Nicely put Eloise!!


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