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Warning: The following post has a high Ewwww Factor!.

As women, how many of us actually swallow cum? I mean really? (Rocio put your hands down!)

As I was re-reading Camille Anthony’s ‘Fortrayn’s Forbidden Fling, (read it last week, didn’t enjoy it, but I was in a funky mood, so I decided it was short enough to warrant another try with a more open mind) I got to the part where the heroine gets down on her knees to sample the hero’s love schtick, when this rather typical paragraph jumped out at me:

“Rosa licked her lips to gather up the last bit of Fort’s come. Por Dios, he tasted divine — thick, salty, and slightly sweet, the perfect protein cocktail.”

Now let’s examine the above in detail. When was the last time any of you actually swallowed your man’s cum, and loved it (Having a high gag factor, enjoyment doesn’t even come into it for me), let alone comparing it to a cocktail?

Every single romance/erotic romance book that I’ve ever read, where the heroine gives the hero a blow job, she never spits the damn thing out, is this realistic?
Is there no way of positively writing that the heroine had an aversion to cum, so she generally spat, rather than swallowed? Would this wreck the fantasy for you?

It’s not enough that authors always make their heroines swallow, but do they really have to make them enjoy it too? There’s too much of a high ‘ick’ factor for me to suspend disbelief and be persuaded that all these heroines actually like that bleachy, funky disinfectant-type smell/taste (or maybe this is just me) that I personally associate with men’s sperm. It would be a nice change to read a book where the heroine spits the man’s love juice out rather than heartily swallowing it down to the last drop.

I’ve also noticed that some authors make the hero’s ejaculation, comparable to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, where he seems to come for about an hour, and the heroine ‘tirelessly’ drinks his seed. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time my hubby threw out more than a thimbleful (sorry Paul) of that foul smelling stuff!

So, do you think that it’s necessary for the heroine to swallow her hero’s love juice, or could you live with the fact that she spat?