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Warning: The following post has a high Ewwww Factor!.

As women, how many of us actually swallow cum? I mean really? (Rocio put your hands down!)

As I was re-reading Camille Anthony’s ‘Fortrayn’s Forbidden Fling, (read it last week, didn’t enjoy it, but I was in a funky mood, so I decided it was short enough to warrant another try with a more open mind) I got to the part where the heroine gets down on her knees to sample the hero’s love schtick, when this rather typical paragraph jumped out at me:

“Rosa licked her lips to gather up the last bit of Fort’s come. Por Dios, he tasted divine — thick, salty, and slightly sweet, the perfect protein cocktail.”

Now let’s examine the above in detail. When was the last time any of you actually swallowed your man’s cum, and loved it (Having a high gag factor, enjoyment doesn’t even come into it for me), let alone comparing it to a cocktail?

Every single romance/erotic romance book that I’ve ever read, where the heroine gives the hero a blow job, she never spits the damn thing out, is this realistic?
Is there no way of positively writing that the heroine had an aversion to cum, so she generally spat, rather than swallowed? Would this wreck the fantasy for you?

It’s not enough that authors always make their heroines swallow, but do they really have to make them enjoy it too? There’s too much of a high ‘ick’ factor for me to suspend disbelief and be persuaded that all these heroines actually like that bleachy, funky disinfectant-type smell/taste (or maybe this is just me) that I personally associate with men’s sperm. It would be a nice change to read a book where the heroine spits the man’s love juice out rather than heartily swallowing it down to the last drop.

I’ve also noticed that some authors make the hero’s ejaculation, comparable to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, where he seems to come for about an hour, and the heroine ‘tirelessly’ drinks his seed. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time my hubby threw out more than a thimbleful (sorry Paul) of that foul smelling stuff!

So, do you think that it’s necessary for the heroine to swallow her hero’s love juice, or could you live with the fact that she spat?


  • Dawn
    May 16
    10:41 am

    Karen, in the land of perfect sex, perhaps all the guys eat strawberries (a la Ron Jeremy) or drink pineapple juice.

    Funny you should mention it though, I’d noticed recently the utter joy and prolonged post ejaculation sucking that goes on in these books. Kinda like eeking that very last bit of toothpast out of the tube.

    And I do swallow, but I just get it over and done with.


  • Scott
    May 16
    2:32 pm

    OK, am I just too damn nice or a freakin’ idiot? I have never expected a woman to even take a drop of my come into her mouth. I know that I sure then hell wouldn’t want to stuff in my mouth if I was the giver. I don’t know why guys insist that it is something the female must do.

    It is one of many reasons why I am glad I’m a guy though. ; )


  • Sharon
    May 16
    4:09 pm

    Sorry, I’m laughing too hard to post a coherent answer!


  • Tammy
    May 16
    5:15 pm

    OMG Karen that is too funny!!! I admit, I do swallow, but only when surprised!


  • Shell
    May 16
    8:35 pm

    Karen you’re a riot!!


  • Gina
    May 17
    12:02 am

    Lol!! Oh my, I’m nearly choking here!

    I can honestly say that it’s never occurred to me about the whole swallowing issue, but I do agree with you, it’s not realistic, but let’s face it, we don’t particularly read these books for the realism do we! Lol!


  • Rocio
    May 17
    3:05 am

    You truly are LOCA!!! and a witch too, because you knew I had my hands up and wagging!!
    Well, I start reading erotic books in order to increase my livido (yeah, I thought so before I met you all!)and the way some author manage to put the most eeeky things about sex was one of the things that helps me! …Like when you have to take a nasty medicine, if you start to “self-convince” by saying “is not that bad”..maybe at the end it isn’t! (yeah right!)
    But let’s say that after 13 years I don’t find myself swallowing, unless I had too much beers..But at the begining, when we were too infatuated and too curious to be cautious and often find ourselves in a position or place where swallowing was my only option!and usually made it a quick big gulp!…Salud!


  • meljean brook
    May 17
    3:14 am

    *g* I skipped the anal sex post, but I’ll answer this one 😀

    I don’t mind swallowing — I don’t yearn for the sperm or anything, but it doesn’t bother me. (I’m going to enter into TMI territory, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read it 😛 ) Most of the time I make sure it goes onto the back of my tongue — too far down the throat and I gag, too far forward on the tongue and I can ‘feel’ it too much. And it’s not the taste that bothers me, but the texture — like uncooked egg whites.

    The funny thing I’ve noticed lately, and that I’ve never heard mention in any book, is that if I keep my lips absolutely sealed around the shaft right before ejaculation, my mouth seems to puff up with air. And I’m, WTF? Is hubby blowing air out his wang? Is the uretha filled with air and it gets shot out along with the sperm? I don’t know. And that kind of makes me giggle, and THAT makes it difficult to swallow sometimes, because giggling and swallowing don’t mix.

    Mostly I do it because he likes it, and I like to do what he likes. And, it is a lot better than backing off too late and getting squirted in the eye — that happened to me once, and my eye turned all red and I couldn’t wear my contacts for a week (ack! the horror of glasses!)

    So I swallow for vanity’s sake.


  • Rocio
    May 17
    3:17 am

    I came back with my Husband comment on this, according to Luis, this only depends on how much the woman loves her man. If she loves him very much, any amount wouldn’t be enough. But if she just care for him so-so, two droplets would be an overflow!
    (BTW, we had a blast reading your blog!!)


  • Karen Scott
    May 17
    9:38 am

    Dawn, does drinking pineapple juice make men’s cum taste better? *Note to self, buy juice for Paul* (grin)

    Scott, you are truly one in a million!! Marcia doesn’t swallow?

    Hi Sharon, always happy to make somebody laugh, just try not to choke!

    Tammy, LOL!!

    Thanks Shell… I think!

    Gina, I’m not sure that envisaging the heroine swallowing gallons of cum is my idea of fantasy, but hey, each to her own!

    Rocio, I knew you’d have your hands up, you freaky puta! I think that after 13 years, swallowing should only occur with the aid of many beers!

    Meljean, it would have been interesting to get your viewpoint on anal sex *g* for research purposes of course!
    ROFLMAO at ‘Yearn for Sperm’!!!
    No info on here can be classed as TMI, so share away!
    Cooked Egg Whites, LMAO!!!! you are so right!!
    Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the air thing, I’m usually too focused on trying not to gag!
    If I started giggling, the cum would have to be sacrificed, I’d just end up choking myself!
    Ahhh the obligatory blow-job and subsequent swallowing, now this I understand!!
    Hubby knows better than to get his stuff on my face, this is a crime that’s likely to earn him revoked sexual priveleges for a week!
    Obligatory and Vanity swallowing, got it!!

    Luis, you are just such a GUY!! Rocio, smack him upside his head!!
    I’m happy that you and Luis like my blog!!


  • Dawn
    May 17
    11:38 am

    Yes, Karen. Apparently it is true. There was a discussion on the ECChat about flavours. And you are what you eat. So if Paul eats a lot of garlic and other spicy stuff, you need to change his diet pronto (heavy on the pineapple juice).


  • Karen Scott
    May 17
    12:07 pm

    Sheesh Dawn, no more Indian curries for him then, I don’t fancy tasting chicken tikka marsala during our conjugal activities!


  • Sarah McCarty
    May 17
    12:54 pm

    LOL! Ok. I’ve now recovered enuogh to type. I think you can find as many answers to this question as there are people out there. Some women enjoy and some don’t. Sexual pleasure is such an individualistic thing.

    I, for one, cannot imagine how one spits “decorously” and am giggling over all the ensuing mental images of trying to do so. And before one spits, one must hold the substance in the mouth and as far as I can see, if you’re doing that, what’s the difference?

    Sarah, in the mental gymnastic zone of working out the logistics of non offensively spitting during those special, intimate moments


  • Cricket
    May 17
    6:37 pm

    Erk… well, way back when I was learning how to have sex (more than a few years ago) I wouldn’t swallow…but it hurt my guy’s feelings when I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to spit it out. So, I learned how to swallow. After a while I didn’t mind the taste and eventually I learned to kind of like it. Consider it an acquired taste.

    For what it is worth, these aren’t necessarily reality based stories–they can be fantasies where the guy tastes amazingly good, particularly when the heroine’s really into it.

    After all in these books the hero never has a failure to get hard, premature ejaculation, she never gets dry, and the cat never jumps into the middle of the bed because someone forgot to close the door, nor does the telephone ring just when things are getting interesting.



  • Karen Scott
    May 18
    7:47 am

    Sarah, LOL!!! Ok, I concede, there may not be a viable way to spit without ruining the moment in a book, but I’m still of the mind that the heroines shouldn’nt enjoy it as much as they do!! How about something like,
    “while he was gushing like the Niagara falls, she gently wiped her mouth free of his seed with the tissue that happened to be conveniently placed nearby”

    How’s that for side stepping the issue? (grin)

    Hi Cricket, I’m starting to see that maybe there isn’t a good way of avoiding swallowing in a book!
    You’re right, cum is definitely an acquired taste, LOL!!


  • Maven
    June 10
    7:15 pm

    Well, I gave My first blowjob at seventeen (and I married him, 20yrs!) and it never occured to Me not to swallow. Sure it wasn’t a vanilla milkshake, but it wasn’t hideously bad either. (shrugs)I just don’t consider it a big deal, swallow and move on. I’m usually more caught up in wringing every bit of response I can out of him anyway…
    If it bothers you, or he tends to go off unannounced, just snowball him and he’ll be more careful about giving you a warning next time!
    Oh, grapes or celery will sweeten the taste too. Keep him away from asperagus!


  • Maven
    June 10
    7:20 pm

    LOL! I really can’t invision a scene where the hero and heroine have engaged in a bout of hot oral lovin’ and the heroine sits up and says:
    “Damn John…” Pitooie, pitooie. “What did you eat? limburger and onions?!?”
    Nope, just not romantic…well maybe in one of MaryJanice’s stories……


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