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Pie and Chips For Ms Zellwegger?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
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I like Renee Zellwegger , she always strikes me as being a genuinely likeable person, BUT what I do not like is how damn skinny she is.

Having watched both Bridget films, I’m absolutely astounded by the comparison. In Bridget, she looks like she’s been well fed, but it certainly doesn’t detract from her sexiness. Post-Bridget, she seems to turn into a skeletal ghost.

For some reason she seems to think that the see-through and bony look is the new black, no honey, Halle Berry’s beautiful curves are this season’s must-have item.

Whenever I see Ms Zellwegger, I want to introduce her poor skin to a sun bed, and sit her on my table and feed her fish, chips and curry sauce, until her arse pads out a bit, and her boobs, go past the eggs-on-an-ironing-board stage.

Renee, the emaciated look went out with Dave Chapelle’s mental health, so I suggest you get yourself a family sized KFC bucket, and proceed to eat it all by yourself, I promise you, Kenny will love the results.


  • Dawn
    May 17
    11:33 am

    No kidding about her needing a good feeding. She looked so sexy in Bridget Jones (was going to put BJ, but that’s a whole different post). She looks like you could use her legs as a clothes peg.


  • Sam
    May 17
    4:05 pm

    Renee was zaftig and gorgeous in the diary – so I do hope she gets her curves back – they suited her.


  • Ally
    May 17
    5:06 pm

    Did you guys see the interview she did right after filming the second Bridget? She was saying how wonderful it was to be bigger and not a toothpick and how she could identify with real women and how she wanted to be a real size….. I was surprised to see her pencil thin on all the red carpets this year. 🙁 Sad. She was really lovely with more curves. She looked really in Jerry McGuire too.


  • Tammy
    May 18
    2:52 pm

    I much prefer her Bridget look too!! She’s far too skinny now.


  • Maven
    June 10
    7:27 pm

    It’s a shame that Hollywood and fashion have made women look like they could have just stepped out of Auschwitz. When their knees look like they belong on a horse rather than a human, it’s time to sit down and eat something…


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