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I can’t be bothered going into chapter and verse about the latest idiot to hit the blogwaves (yep, my blog, I can now be as rabid as I please) I believe JaynieR perfectly echoed my sentiments in her blog, but the one thing I learned in the past 24 hours, is that there’s some really stupid people out there.

I’m not an author, so the worst thing that can happen to me if I piss somebody off, is that they stop talking to me (and let’s face it, sometimes that’s more of a blessing than a curse) but as an author, NO, NO, NO. NO!!! You can’t say just say what you want, or should I say you can, but what happens, is that you lose readers. There are huge double standards at work here, but let’s face it, this is the way things work, you have books to sell, I don’t.

If Ms Buy Yourself a Clue, had critiqued certain elements of the erotic romance genre, I don’t think many people would have had a problem, because many of the things she had to say, do apply to some erotic romance books, but she didn’t really do that did she? She put every single erotic author out there in the same boat, which was mistake number one. Mistake number two, was calling erotic romance readers Fetish-Ridden Verbal Crack Whores, yep, nice going Bitch! Can I interest you in a copy of Dale Carnegie’s, ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’?

And Melissa Alvarez at NAD, yeah actually, I do think that the Preditors and Editors Poll was an absolute farce. You won 8 of the categories including Best Art Cover,(cue burst of laughter) Best Editor, and Best Publisher in your first year, even though nobody could actually figure out who you were, and had twelve top ten places? Whatever! I thought it was fishy at the time, before I actually cared, now I know it’s definitely fishy, yeah I’m calling you on it, wanna know the name of my lawyer?

If anybody disagrees with me, that’s completely ok, it’s a free world, but do me a favour, don’t post anonymously, because that kind of negates anything useful you have to say. Have the courage of your convictions, and don’t hide behind a false name either.