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My Fave Read of The Week!

Thursday, May 19, 2005
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I haven’t read so much this week, but I did enjoy Isabel Sharpe’s book, sheesh, I forget the name of it, I think it was a Blaze title. I have read quite a few autobiographies this week, I read Victoria Beckham’s ‘Learning To Fly’, which was very interesting, mind you, the pictures of a gorgeous looking David Beckham helped hugely. I also read Roy Keane’s autobiography (He’s the captain of Manchester United Football Club), which was a revelation.
Apart from the obvious ‘Sweet Gum Tree’, which was worthy of it’s very own blog, I can’t say I’ve read anything else noteworthy, so I’ll give you a list of the books that I’m looking forward to buying as soon as they come out.

Sarah McCarty’s

‘The Others’ from her newly birthed ‘Conception’ series, hurry up and finish it already!
Lori Foster’s ‘Jamie’ , it feels like I’ve been waiting for this book forever Lori!
Jaci Burton’s ‘Spring Rain’ this is the final book in the Storm for All Seasons series.
The next Patricia Cornwell ‘Scarpetta’ novel, ‘Trace’ didn’t live up to the other books, so I’m looking forward to the next one!
Chey McCray’s

next ‘Wonderland’ book featuring Lord Kir.

I haven’t read any books that I wanted to flush down the toilet this week, so, we’ll keep my Worst Book of the Week award, till next time. I can almost hear the sighs of relief from here (grin).


  • Tammy
    May 19
    8:34 pm

    I’m very excited about Jamie too!


  • McVane
    May 20
    10:58 am

    I’m curious – since you’re a Brit, where do you buy your romances from? Online or Borders from … where are you? Yorkshire — Leeds?
    I get mine from either Borders in Birmingham [near where I live] and Murder One & Borders in London [where I work].


  • Karen Scott
    May 20
    12:49 pm

    LOL, Jamie has been like the second coming hasn’t he!!

    Hi Maili, I live in between Leeds and Manchester (not Bradford). I buy my books from Borders in Leeds (wonderful place), I also subscribe to Mills and Boon Reader Service, so I get all the latest Harlequin titles. I buy a lot from Amazon, and E-book sites like Elloras Cave and Loose-ID.

    My local library also has quite a useful romance section. You can obviously request certain titles there.

    There’s also a wonderful little used and new bookshop in our town, which has loads of romance titles. You can take back books, and get half the price you paid for them back. (Very useful, especially for books that aren’t keepers, I once got £30 from taking back loads of books once) The books start from about 50p each, you can’t go wrong!!


  • McVane
    May 20
    3:03 pm

    Lucky mite. Which Borders branch in Leeds did you to shop at? The one I went to in Bristall [sp?] has a pitifully outdated selection.

    I don’t suppose you’re willing to name that unusual bookshop? *blink* I have a huge box of books I plan to donate to a charity shop, but that shop would make me feel better for spending so much on books. 😀 Please have mercy and reveal the shop’s name.

    If it’s because you don’t want to reveal where you live, it’d be wonderful if you could email me the details of the shop [no worries if you refuse]: applecross9 @ gmail.com

    Thanks. 🙂


  • Sarah McCarty
    May 20
    4:27 pm

    Has anyone mentioned what nag you can be. *G* Does it make the wait easier if I tell you I’m doing a big contest to celebrate the launch of THE OTHERS?

    Sarah, laughing blowing Karen a kiss before ducking back to writing


  • Karen Scott
    May 22
    3:55 pm

    Why Miss Sarah, I declare, I have no idea what you’re trying to infer!(grin)


  • Karen Scott
    May 22
    3:56 pm

    Maili, did ya get my e-mail?


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