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Thursday, May 19, 2005
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I was tagged by Meljean Brook

Last Book I Bought:
Princess By Jean P Sasson, A true story about the life of a Saudi Arabian Princess

Total Number of Books I own?
Erm…. 2.5 rooms worth?

Last Romance Books I read
Arm Candy, By Jo Leigh

The Last New To Me Read
The Sweet Gum Tree, by Katherine Allred, fabulous book

Last Non-Romance I read
Keane, the Autobiography – Roy Keane, (Manchester United’s Captain) Only Soccer fans will know who he is

5 Books that mean a lot to me

Anne of Green Gables, L.M Montgomery
This is a love affair that’s been going on since I was ten years old. I recall disobeying my parents when I was 11, and running all the way into the nearest town centre (12 miles there and back) to fetch Anne of Avonlea from the library.
I have every single ‘Anne’ book that was ever written by L.M Montgomery.

Just William, Richmal Crompton
I remember always laughing hysterically at Williams antics, plus I won an art contest in which I drew a fabulous picture of William!

The Way To Yesterday, Sharon Sala
A Fabulous book that when the world is grey, and books are crap, I turn to, to help rejuvenate my love of romance.

Rats, by James Herbert
The very first book that I read that had the term “her moist warmth” in it! I didn’t sleep for weeks after I read this book.

The Secret of Little Tanglewood
I read this book when I was 8, and I haven’t been able to find it since, I can’t remember who wrote it either! All my google search just comes up with Tanglewood Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, but this was not the same book I’d read at 8!

Tag 5 people to do this: Sheesh I don’t know… erm… Oh well, here’s my list::

Sarah McCarty


Sam Winston


Monica Jackson


  • meljean brook
    May 19
    9:14 pm

    Choosing those five books was ridiculously hard — I always think it is easy to say, “oh, yeah, these are my favorite books” but there’s so many that I love for one reason or another. I think I edited and changed my list about seven or eight times before I made myself just stop.


  • Scott
    May 20
    12:54 am

    Last non-romance book read, Roy Keane’s biography? Boy Karen, you really are a ManU junkie.

    ; )

    PS. Go Liverpool! (Champs League only cheer)


  • Karen Scott
    May 20
    8:57 am

    Hi Meljean, Anne of Green Gables was easy, because that’s just my favourite book of all time!

    The just William book was also easy, but I changed my mind about the others quite a few times!

    Scot, I read Alex Ferguson’s ‘Managing my life’ last month, I’d been meaning to get it for ages, but I always forgot!!

    I’m looking forward to the FA Cup final this weekend, me and my fellow man utd supporters (and 1 Arsenal fan) are going to the pub to watch the match. Hubby is a neutral, so will probably support Arsenal just to piss me off! (grin)


  • McVane
    May 20
    10:57 am

    You’re a ManU supporter? Heh, it’s Aston Villa and a football widow in my house. 😀


  • Sarah McCarty
    May 20
    4:28 pm

    *blinkin innocently* Are you sure you want to ta me. If i do think then I cant’ be writing…
    Sarah, laughing


  • Angela James
    May 22
    1:35 am

    Thank you. You’re only the third person to tag me and I only realized you’d tagged me when I came to see if I could tag you 😉 Great minds and all that!


  • somethingsicantsay
    May 22
    10:19 am

    haahaha, im a man utd fan too.

    wretched penalties


  • Jaynie R
    May 22
    11:51 am

    *closing my eyes and pretending I didn’t notice you had tagged me*


  • Karen Scott
    May 22
    3:53 pm

    Hi Maili, yeah, I’m a Man Utd fan, Aston Villa huh? I used to have a thing for David O’Leary, I think it was his sexy Irish accent, mind you that’s when he was the Manager at Leeds United.

    Ok, Sarah, I’ll let you off the hook this time, but YOU MUST WRITE FASTER!!

    Hee Hee Angie, too late!! I gotcha first!!

    Somethingsicantsay, have I ever told you that you’re the embodiment of taste and fabulousness (grin)

    JaynieR, too late, I seen ya!


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