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I’m Off To Gay Paris!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
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So The Tall Guy comes home today, and casually asks me if I’d like to go to Paris for the weekend, seeing as it’s a Bank Holiday, and he’s not at work until Tuesday.

I, of course very casually say, “Why not, we’re not doing anything else”.

So there ya have it, we’re going to Paris for the weekend, now all we have to do, is to book the flights, and organise which hotel we’ll be staying at… Or we could go via Eurostar, but to be honest, I hate the thought of being underground for any length of time, so we’re gonna plane it I think. Sheesh, decisions, decisions..(grin)


  • Sarah McCarty
    May 25
    10:10 am

    Oh the pain! The suffering! The agony! *laughing*

    Have a wonderful trip Karen!



  • Tammy
    May 25
    12:23 pm

    Karen, that’s fantastic, I am soooo jealous! Can you believe I’ve never even been out of the states?


  • McVane
    May 25
    1:06 pm

    Lucky mite! Have a wonderful time. 🙂


  • Rocio
    May 26
    2:10 am

    Degracia’!!!! you are such a lucky puta!!!
    Take pictures, and bring lots of fun anecdotes!!
    Do you need written instructions on how to make a Baby in the most romantic city in the world…after Santiago (where I live) of course!!


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