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Shaving Is A Sexual Act? Since When?

Thursday, May 26, 2005
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I’ve discussed heroines swallowing buckets of love juice AND enjoying it, in my To Swallow Or Not To Swallow blog entry, but I read a book last night that made me question a certain fetish that kinda creeps me out.

Shaving. What’s so sexy about shaving? Not just the shaving of the heroine’s bush either, but her hair too. Apparently there’s something about having a buzz cut that’s sensual. What? I don’t get it, I just don’t get it.

There is a certain author out there, who always has in-depth shaving scenes in her book. These scenes have been known to last for up to 4 pages, and usually culminates in the hero going down on the heroine’s freshly shaved love-box.

Have I missed a popular growing trend here?

I think I’ll ask The Tall Guy, if the thought of shaving me turns him on, although in all honesty, I can’t see it, as far as I’m aware, his preferences when it comes to pubic hair, is that he doesn’t find any unwelcome visitors whilst he’s down there. (grin)

Paris Is A Bust!! Sheesh!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005
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*Sob* we can’t get a flight or a train to Paris that wont end up costing us over £600 ($1050) for just the journey there and back!! (The last time we were there we paid £99 ($173) each, so I refuse to fork over that much money just because it’s a bank holiday!

I’ve told hubby that we cant justify spending that much money for a two night break, so we’ll either end up in Amsterdam, or we’ll book a proper holiday to either, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil Cuba or Dominican Republic, and go for a week next month.

I would love to go to Egypt, but I don’t think hubby is too keen. He has visions of us getting kidnapped by fundamentalists. (trainspotter, yech!)

Can you believe we can get a package holiday to Egypt for just £225 ($394) per person? How fab is that!!

Hubby is still considering Cuba, I’ll let you know where we decide to go once it’s been booked!!

I know for sure that I dont want to go to Amsterdam, I’d rather stay home. After you’ve been to the red-light district, and marvelled at old women flashing their pussies at you in their respective windows, what’s left?

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! I watched the most amazing football match last night!
Liverpool Football Club produced an incredible comeback to win the Champions League on penalties in one of the most remarkable finals of all time.

Trailing 3-0 after a first half dominated by AC Milan, Liverpool club scored three times in six minutes early in the second half to take the match into extra time and eventually a penalty shootout which they won 3-2.

I’m a staunch Manchester United supporter, but I have to take my hats off to the boys in red across the motorway, they were absolutely magnificent in Istanbul, and dare I say that last night’s match, was even more gripping than our injury time come back against Bayern Munich in 1999.

They say that it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, but as far as I was concerned, the bitch had started warming up her tonsils before the end of the first half, when AC Milan lead the Reds by 3-0.

The Scousers showed guts and immense determination to overturn this deficit. Unfortunately for the Italian side, they’d started polishing the Champions League cup, before it was won, and hence paid dearly.

I’m happy as larry, the Cup has returned to the North of England once again!! As bitter Italian, Gabriel Marcotti said last night, God was a Scouser for 120 minutes!!

God Bless Steven Gerrard and Jerzy Dudek!!!