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Paris Is A Bust!! Sheesh!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005
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*Sob* we can’t get a flight or a train to Paris that wont end up costing us over £600 ($1050) for just the journey there and back!! (The last time we were there we paid £99 ($173) each, so I refuse to fork over that much money just because it’s a bank holiday!

I’ve told hubby that we cant justify spending that much money for a two night break, so we’ll either end up in Amsterdam, or we’ll book a proper holiday to either, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil Cuba or Dominican Republic, and go for a week next month.

I would love to go to Egypt, but I don’t think hubby is too keen. He has visions of us getting kidnapped by fundamentalists. (trainspotter, yech!)

Can you believe we can get a package holiday to Egypt for just £225 ($394) per person? How fab is that!!

Hubby is still considering Cuba, I’ll let you know where we decide to go once it’s been booked!!

I know for sure that I dont want to go to Amsterdam, I’d rather stay home. After you’ve been to the red-light district, and marvelled at old women flashing their pussies at you in their respective windows, what’s left?


  • Scott
    May 26
    10:31 am

    What’s left? Good beer.

    (Oh that’s right, you drink piss water … err, Budweiser.)

    I have been to Amsterdam once, and would love to go back. But being an American I can enjoy the history a city like that has to offer.

    Sorry your holiday didn’t turn out as planned.


  • Kendall
    May 26
    1:43 pm

    Karen, I can only dream of going to Amsterdam! Sorry you couldn’t get to Paris.


  • McVane
    May 26
    3:23 pm

    Have you not been to a hemp cafe? :>


  • Rocio
    May 28
    3:49 pm

    I’m hurt!!!! How can you be so light about the opportunity of coming to Dominican Republic, unless you are afraid of exposing Paul to the beautiful women! LOL! We it all here, even Burguer King and Mac Donald’s for the chicken that are afraid to try our delicious food! beaches, mountains, rivers, landscapes, history…more like recient history to you!…And if you let me know I could try and meet you in the flesh!!! So, please think wisely and come here for that week! If you need any help with the offers here just let me know!


  • Paz
    May 31
    5:18 am

    Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba or Dominican Republic — all great places to visit.

    A package holiday to Egypt for $394 per person?! Now, that’s a deal. What does the package include?



  • Karen Scott
    June 1
    11:41 am

    Scott, you’re a beer snob!! The only beer I ever had in Amsterdam was Amstel, and that wasn’t that great!!

    Thanks Kendall!!

    Maili, I refrained from visiting any of those cafe’s *grin* I figured that I’d walk on the grass, rather than smoke it!!

    Rocio, thanks for the offer honey, I’m leaving the decision as to where we go entirely up to Paul, then if it turns out to be not-so-great, I can blame him!!

    Paz, this particular package included flights, and accommodation and breakfast. There are some which include all your meals and drinks for the duration of your stay.

    Although, having watched Denzil Washinton and Dakota fanning in ‘Man On Fire’, I’m having my doubts about South America!!


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