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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! I watched the most amazing football match last night!
Liverpool Football Club produced an incredible comeback to win the Champions League on penalties in one of the most remarkable finals of all time.

Trailing 3-0 after a first half dominated by AC Milan, Liverpool club scored three times in six minutes early in the second half to take the match into extra time and eventually a penalty shootout which they won 3-2.

I’m a staunch Manchester United supporter, but I have to take my hats off to the boys in red across the motorway, they were absolutely magnificent in Istanbul, and dare I say that last night’s match, was even more gripping than our injury time come back against Bayern Munich in 1999.

They say that it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, but as far as I was concerned, the bitch had started warming up her tonsils before the end of the first half, when AC Milan lead the Reds by 3-0.

The Scousers showed guts and immense determination to overturn this deficit. Unfortunately for the Italian side, they’d started polishing the Champions League cup, before it was won, and hence paid dearly.

I’m happy as larry, the Cup has returned to the North of England once again!! As bitter Italian, Gabriel Marcotti said last night, God was a Scouser for 120 minutes!!

God Bless Steven Gerrard and Jerzy Dudek!!!


  • Jaynie R
    May 26
    10:16 am

    traitor *g*

    How can you possibly be happy for those scum?

    *Sigh* Do you realise this is the first time in 12 years that we are without silverware?


  • Karen Scott
    May 26
    10:29 am

    LOL!!! Hey Jaynie they’re a British team, so I’ve got support them against the Italians.

    The only British team that I would support international opposition over them are Arsenal. I hate them with a passion, I’m always glad to see them lose no matter what!

    As for silverware, we’ll make up for it next year, we just need to strengthen our midfield, and let Rooney have a free reign to burst forward, and hopefully Fergie ditches his strategy of playing one man up front and he goes back to a 4-4-2 formation.

    I certainly hope Ruud Van Nistelrooy regains his form sometime soon!!


  • Dawn
    May 27
    11:10 am

    I don’t understand what you just said ’bout the 4-4-2 thingy, Karen. LOL!! But I’m happy that you’re happy!


  • somethingsicantsay
    May 31
    3:26 pm

    i think liverpool were rather lucky, especially for the shevchenko extra time effort. i dont think he will be missing that on any other days.

    but i must give liverpool the props. im just very glad that chelsea didnt win it.wait, maybe damn extremely happy that chelsea didnt win


  • Karen Scott
    June 1
    11:45 am

    Dawn, LOL!!! Basically 4-4-2 means four at the back, four in midfield, and two strikers upfront!

    Somethingsicantsay, Liverpool were really lucky, but that’s how it goes sometimes. As for Shevchenko, as far as I’m concerned, the nerves and Dudek’s antics in goal got to him!!
    Personally, I still would have been glad if Chelsea had won, they’re a British team after all!


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