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My Bank Holiday Shenanigans!

Wednesday, June 1, 2005
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I’ve had quite a busy weekend, which is why I’ve had to neglect my blog. As I wrote earlier we couldn’t go to Paris, so me and The Tall Guy improvised. We decided to go to somewhere much more upscale than that. We decided to go to Scarborough. (A little like comparing Milan to Milwaukee, but never mind *grin*)

This is how our weekend started:

Friday Eve: The tall Guy and I went out to dinner, we visited our favourite Mongolian restaurant, the service and food was amazing as usual, but I’m still trying to run off the ten thousand calories that must have been in the Chocolate Bomb that I had for dessert.

Saturday Morning: The Tall Guy and I had decided to go to the East coast for a couple of days, so off we went to Scarborough, to see what we could see. Oh the joy.

If I had to do it all again, we’d probably go to Whitby next time, Scarborough had far too many hills, but aside from the somewhat dirty shit-infested sea and glass-ridden beaches, we still had a relatively pleasant stay, although judging from some of the clothes the residents were wearing, it was definitely a town still mired knee-deep in the eighties, yech! Paul of course thought I was being totally shallow, but hey, there were far too many anoraks and Arran jumpers for it to go without comment from me. (grin)

Sunday Morning: We visited the Sea Life Centre which was excellent. I must admit to feeling slightly claustrophobic as we walked round the centre. My favouritest (yeah that’s my own word) thing, were the sharks. I found them quite fascinating. I have to say though, that ever since the jaws movies, sharks have held a kind of morbid fascination for me. When I went to Belgium last year I visited a marine sanctuary called Aquatopia, which was fabulous dahhling!

Monday morning: The Tall Guy, and I packed up and came home. We encountered something like six automobile accidents on the way home. It seems to me that every time we get a tiny bit of sun in this country, people’s driving abilities get shot to hell. *sigh*

Monday afternoon: It was a beautifully sunny day, so Paul and I decided to have a Barbecue. Paul cooked/burned chicken, steak, hot dogs and burgers over the BBQ. I made an absolutely divine Chilli which went down a storm. We’d invited some friends round, who proceeded to get quite drunk, and very loud. It was great fun. Paul and I snuck away for a while and made out on the stairs like the immature couple we are. The party carried on until 1am, not bad for an impromptu gathering.

Tuesday: Back at work, Booo Hooo!!!

Well, that’s what my weekend consisted of, I hope you all had an equally good time. (I still would have preferred Paris over Scarborough though.) *grin*

BTW Congrats to West Ham for getting back into the Premiership after two seasons away!!