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I just finished reading Take Me Twice, by Isabel Sharpe. This book is part of the ‘One Last Fling’ Blaze series.
It was a wholly enjoyable read, as per most of Ms Sharpe’s work.

Here’s a not-so-quick KarenS stylie blurb.

Miss Fling A Lot quits her boring job, and looks forward to a summer of exciting things to do, as well as finding her ‘Man to Do Before Saying I Do’ (no she’s not getting married, it’s a challenge that she and her ‘Man To Do’ friends have come up with.

Just as Miss Fling-A-Lot is ready to immerse herself in activities such as learning to tap dance, learning French, and skydiving, her newly dumped roomie decides to go back to her parents, thus leaving her without a room mate to share the bills, thus scuppering her summer plans of adventure.

Enter Mr -I –cheated- on –You- Whilst- We -Were -Dating -at –College (for the purpose of this entry, we will refer to him as Mr Cheater)

Mr Cheater has always regretted his actions with Miss Fling whilst they were dating, and now wants to get back inside her pants, and thinks that sharing an apartment with her is a sure-fire way of getting to sample her wares once again.

Miss Fling-A-Lot is unsure about the arrangement but agrees anyway, on the proviso that they do not indulge in hot mindless sex (suspend disbelief) as per the last few times they’ve gotten together.

Of course Mr Cheater agrees, whilst still secretly planning on the best way to get his John into her Jane.

They of course eventually start having mindlessly hot sex. During this time, Mr Cheater, realises that he’s never stopped loving Miss Fling.

However Miss Fling is wary, and is reluctant to plan ahead, because she did that once, and got hurt terribly by Mr Cheater, so she withdraws from him emotionally, whilst still indulging in the jack-rabbit sexual antics (who says she was stupid?)

Eventually, they sort things out and live happily ever after.

Now, like I said already, I loved the story, however, the fact that the hero, cheated on her whilst they were at college seemed to bother me. I say seemed to, because I’m not entirely sure, whether these were my real feelings or not.

In a discussion on the AAR loop many moons ago, Anne Marble asked what readers considered a no-no in romance books. As you can probably guess, a cheating hero was at the top of that list.

So my dilemma, is that I’m not sure whether it truly bothered me, or if the resounding agreement from other romance readers, that cheating is a no-no, coloured my viewpoint somewhat.

So what about you, would it bother you, if you read a book where the hero cheated on the heroine, no matter how long ago it was? If the answer is yes, are there any circumstances where you could forgive and forget, e.g. the hero was bound and gagged at the time…? (grin)


  • Anonymous
    June 4
    10:20 pm

    Interesting blog. For me personally, it would be totally pointless reading a romance in which the male lead character had cheated on the female charachter. It would totally take me out of the book, and I would probably keep thinking about it during.
    Life’s too full of cheating spouses and so I just don’t need to read about it in a romance.



  • Shesawriter
    June 4
    11:31 pm

    Would it bother me? Heck yeah! LOL! Who wants to read about men who cheat? We get enough of that in real life. Sheesh. I love bad boys … I write them all the time, but the Mr. Cheaters are a bit much.


  • Chocoholic Girl
    June 5
    6:12 am

    I think it depends on the plot, and the author. Some authors are really good at making you love the guy regardless of his foibles or past mistakes, others just aren’t so good at creating likeable heroes.


  • meljean brook
    June 5
    7:35 pm

    In this case, I don’t know that it would bother me, considering that it sounds like it happened long ago in college. It would bother me (I think–it depends on how the author handles it; I do think I’m more forgiving of it in historicals, where the husband and wife might be estranged or whatever, and the husband takes a mistress).


  • Mel
    June 9
    11:39 am

    Karin, I can’t condone cheating in a romance no matter the circumstances, the book would have become an instant wallbanger for me. I want my heroes to be perfect in terms of fidelity, and it’s hard to forget the old adage of “if he’s capable of doing it once, he’ll do it again”.


  • Karen Scott
    June 14
    3:50 pm

    Kel, I guess the whole point of a romance is that the heroes are perfect in terms of fidelity

    Chocoholic girl, I’ve known plenty of authors who create thoroughly unlikeable heroes, I just never read their work again!

    Meljean, I think a lot of readers, maybe including myself, feel that this is the one area where it’s totally black and white, no shades of grey allowed here! The hero must be completely faithful at all times. (g)

    Mel, I hear ya, I think I do probably feel the same way.


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