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Karen Cooks, And Watches a Dating Show

Wednesday, June 8, 2005
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The Tall Guy was away last night, so I had a friend round for dinner. (Yep I cooked, I can cook, I just usually have better things to do) She brought a DVD of a dating show that had aired on E4 (only UK based people will get this channel) called ‘4 Go Dating’. She was one of the contestants on this show.

Basically the show was about four girls and four guys who live together (the girls live together, in a separate house from the boys) for a week and date each other for five days. They each take turns in going out on dates with each other. At the end of each date, they have to give their companions for that day, a score out of ten.

After each date, the guys get together and discuss what their opinions were on each of their dates, and the girls do the same thing.

My friend’s first date was with a dick-head called Peter, who she really liked. Peter was an arse, and basically told the other guys that he thought she had a fat ass, which was absolutely ridiculous. Samantha is 5ft 11 and skinny as a pole, but she has what my mother always calls child bearing hips, and she is absolutely beautiful. (I’m so not just saying that cuz she’s my friend) He was very mean about her, which made me want to growl at him every time he came on screen..

Her second date was a guy from Yorkshire, who I thought was also a dick-head, but he liked Samantha a lot, and gave her a seven and he went back to the other guys and told them as much. Peter Pencil Dick asked him what he thought of her ass. Grrrr what was up with this guy? The Yorkshire guy who liked Samantha thought she had a fine ass.

Samantha’s third date was a posh toff who wore his heart on his sleeves, he thought he’d met the love of his life in Samantha. Unfortunately he wasn’t Sam’s type. He was a bit of a Mr-Tim-Nice-But-Dim character. He gave Sammy a ten out of ten! Yay!!!

He went back to the guys and told them that he was in love. Sheesh, no wonder lots of women go for bad boys rather than good guys.

Samantha’s final date was a tall lanky guy who was ok looking, (if a little on the skinny side) He thought Sam was the vicar’s knickers, and gave her a ten out of ten also. Sam thought he was ‘nice’. Hell, even I liked him.

Date number four told the other guys that she was the best thing to happen to him in ages, and that he was sure that she felt the same way (this wasn’t quite true) and that he’d like to see her again after the show. When asked about the ass, he said that he thought it was perfect. Awwww, we liked him.

At the end of the week, all the scores were added up to find out who was the best date. My Sammy won with thirty four points. It was quite amusing watching the other girls pretend to be happy for her (snicker).

All eight of the people then had to choose, who their best date was.

Date Four chose Sam as his perfect date. Sam chose Peter the Dick, who had taken the piss out of the size of her ass, (at this point I turned to the Sam who was sitting next to me, and growled my annoyance at her.)

Peter unbelievably picked Sam, after all the nasty things he’d said about her.

Isn’t it funny how men, no matter how old they are, still seek their friend’s approval on who they date. You could tell the other guys were puzzled as to why he’d chosen Sam, seeing as he’d spent most of the week slagging her off.

They got to go on the prize date, they seemed to be really into each other, but I know for a fact that he didn’t call her after their weekend together. What an arse.

Apparently during filming that week, he’d met a girl who he’d started seeing whilst he was with Sam. What an arse.

My theory on the reason why he picked Sam after basically telling the other guys he didn’t like her, is that because the other housemates had thought she was amazing, he’d been forced to take another look at her, and decided that she was ok after all just because the other guys thought she was great. How ridiculous is that? What an arse.
Scott, is this typical male behaviour?


  • Scott
    June 9
    10:23 am

    Yes it is Karen. But not all of us look for approval from our friends. Quite honestly it’s those guys (and girls) that date people that we don’t think are great that end up the happiest of couples.

    I have never looked for approval from friends about who I dated. But I will admit that I dated a girl longer then I wanted to because everyone thought she was hot stuff. I finally gave into my feelings that she just wasn’t the girl for me.


  • Mel
    June 9
    11:35 am

    I once knew a guy who was so worried about his friend’s opinions that he would never date anybody who was considered less than beautiful when he was at high school. He was your typical cheerleader chasing jock.
    I guess he decided to take substance over glamour because he married me years later *smirk*


  • Anonymous
    June 10
    7:56 pm

    Men are herd animals. It’s the rare one who can make up his own mind.


  • Karen Scott
    June 14
    3:45 pm

    Scott, I’ll never understand the importance men place on the opinion of their friends, but at least you never actually dated a girsl just because you felt your friends would approve!!

    Mel, congrats on getting the captain of the fotball team (grin)

    Anonymous, are you a man?


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