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Whoopee ‘Jamie’s’ Finally Here!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2005
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Gosh I’ve been waiting for Lori Foster’s Jamie for absolutely ages, and this morning a very cute postman handed it over to me.

Good grief I hope it lives up to my expectations. I’m sure it will though cuz I can’t think of a single Lori book that I haven’t enjoyed so far.

I don’t think I’ll read it just yet, I think I’ll let the anticipation die a little, before I get down and dirty with him. (g)


  • Anne
    June 9
    12:10 am

    I read this book already Karen. it was fabulous! I got teary-eyed in a couple different spots in the book. Very good story. too bad it was the end of the series.


  • Mel
    June 9
    11:27 am

    I read it, I read it! You wont be sorry, it’s a fine book. How can you possibly wait to read it?


  • Maven
    June 10
    7:59 pm

    I liked it. Of the Visitation series, I still like Say No To Joe? best, and The Secret Life Of Bryan least, but Jamie was a solid entry that placed number two.


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