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Katie, What Have You Done To Tom?

Thursday, June 9, 2005
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What is up with Tom Cruise just lately, he used to be okPosted by Hello

Now I just want to cringe whenever I see pictures like these. I think he’s going through some kind of crisis. I hope for God’s sake he gets over it… and soon!!

This arguments’s been going on for days, and will probably run and run, I can’t be arsed blogging about it, here’s a few links offering opposing view points:
She’sawriter, is basically in
agreement with the guidelines set by RWA, whilst Jordan Summers has a few things to say about the situation.

Paperback Writer tries to get to the bottom of the rumour that Ann Jacobs was refused a request to sign one of her books at the RWA booth, at BEA.

The Smart Bitches, also have a rant by guest author Selah March, but you can just follow the link from the side bar to get to them!

It’s just never ending, and I just can’t be arsed offering up any more opinions on the matter!