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So, How Often Do You Have Sex Then?

Friday, June 10, 2005
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Well, myself, and some nymphomaniacs that I happen to know, were having a conversation about how often we have sex.

Apparently, I’m abnormal, due to the fact that me and the Tall Guy only have three sexual marathons a week. Who knew?

Apparently having sex everyday is the norm over in the Dominican Republic, and in Tennessee. (grin) Is that true? Even after years of marriage/co-habiting?

The Tall Guy and I have been together for twelve years now, and when we first started dating we were like rabbits. We shagged constantly. I recall one day where we had sex like six times in one day (he can only dream of those days now *g*) but the thing is, that was mostly during our ‘honeymoon’ period, after that sex became a little more regulated shall we say.

We did go through a stage not so long ago, where we were having sex everyday, sometimes twice a day, but that was mostly for procreational purposes. That got old very quickly.

We generally have carnal interactions at weekends, as this is when we’re most relaxed, no work problems, no nothing, not to say that we don’t have sex during the week, we do, but it just doesn’t happen that often, and to be honest I hate having to change bed sheets mid-week, so weekends are so much more convenient (g). This is probably very Bree Van De Kamp of me, but hey, you don’t understand how much I hate doing laundry!

Now and again, if I wake up in a good mood, and feel The Tall Guy’s Morning Wood, trying to find shelter, I’ll sometimes bat my eyelids at him, and give him the “is that a banana in your pocket” look, at which point, he knows his luck’s in.

I always thought that myself and The Tall Guy had a great sex life, but no, apparently we’re not doing it enough, so my question to you is, how often do you and your spouse/significant other have sex? Once a day? Once a week? Once a month? You can be truthful. I promise I wont tell a soul…. honest.(g)