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Whilst watching that pathetic game of football yesterday, I started wondering about which authors I think would be fantastic at writing erotic romance. (if they aren’t already writing under a different pseudonym)

I know of at least one NY best selling author who’s doing it, so it would be interesting to see if any of these ladies follow suit in the near future.

  • Vicki Lewis Thompson
  • Lori Foster
  • Isabel Sharp
  • Rebecca York/Ruth Glick
  • Alison Kent
  • Debbi Rawlins
  • Jill Shalvis
  • Jo Leigh
  • Of course if you are going to write Romantica, there really is only one place to go isn’t there? Elloras Cave of course!

    Are there any main stream authors out there, who you think would be able to make the leap from traditional romance to erotic romance?


    • Sasha
      June 13
      9:31 am

      Which NYT author writes Erotica? Which publisher?


    • Anne
      June 13
      2:47 pm

      A few others:

      Susan Mallery
      Alexandra Sellers
      Stephanie Bond

      They’d do good with erotic romance. I’d definitely read the authors on your list and mine.


    • McVane
      June 13
      3:19 pm

      Vicki Lewis Thompson, definitely! I like her old Temptations.

      If Tiffany White was still writing, I’d nominate her in an instant.

      Are you referring to Alison Kent?


    • Nicole
      June 13
      4:43 pm

      Jeanie London, but she already does Secrets as Jeanie Ceasarini, I believe. I love her Blaze books.


    • Tammy
      June 13
      5:30 pm


      Nancy Warren
      Kristin Hardy
      Dorie Graham

      They all write in Blaze too


    • Dawn
      June 13
      8:23 pm

      Hmm… Leslie Kelly should write erotic romance. Her books are hot as they are. They’d go off the scale…


    • Angela James
      June 14
      1:42 am

      Rachel Carrington writes erotic romance for EC now, so you can add her to your list of NY authors.

      And of of course, Lacey Alexander was a NY author first (under another name).

      And there’s at least one more, but it’s tickling the edges of my brain right now…


    • Jill
      June 14
      2:26 am

      Hey does my upcoming full length Brava count? (GET A CLUE, 9/05). Hope so, writing it singed my fingers to the bone!


    • Anne
      June 14
      3:58 am

      Heck yeah that counts Jill! I look forward to reading it!


    • Karen Scott
      June 14
      4:02 pm

      Sasha, Lacey Alexander is an NYT author, her real name is a well guarded secret, but she does write for EC.

      Anne, I forgot about Susan Mallory!

      Maili, I loved VLT’s old stuff too, she has always been an auto-but for me

      Tammy, how could I forget Nancy Warren!!

      Angie, I totally forgot about Rachel Carrington, I haven’t actually tried any of her EC books, I may just have to get the old credit card out!

      Jill, do you get to use really dirty words in it, LOL!! I’ll be buying it for sure!


    • Destruction Angel
      June 14
      7:08 pm

      Sasha, I think Karens is referring to MaryJanice Davidson–she writes for Loose-Id and still has books with EC.


    • Maven
      June 15
      7:03 pm

      I’d love for Jenny Crusie to write romantica! I love the natural feeling humor she puts in her books.

      On a side note, has anyone but me noticed that EC seems to have turned into the “women in submission” publisher? All the blurbs are starting to sound the same, and I know that many of the authors are top-notch, but it’s really begun to put me off…


    • Nicole
      June 16
      12:57 pm

      I suppose that’s what’s selling. Just not to me. And yeah, they are starting to sound a lot the same at times.


    • Karen Scott
      June 17
      3:46 pm

      Destruction Angel, I actually forgot about MJ Davidson!!

      Maven, I have to say I’ve never read Crusie, just because everybody raves about her work so much, I must try her some day!

      As for EC and women-in-submission books, I heartily agree, that’s why, I haven’t been spending my pennies over there as much lately. I find it difficult to read books where women are treated like slaves, that’s one of the reason’s why I hate JW Mckenna’s books so much.

      Nicole, I guess it must be selling, but who the hell is buying?


    • Patsy in NC,USA
      June 30
      4:57 pm

      Tori Carrington for sure could write erotic. That husband wife team should be explosive.

      1. Brenda Jackson
      2. Rochelle Alers
      3. Francis Ray
      4. Cherry Adair


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