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Not Guilty Verdict Posted by Hello

Nothing much to say about this, except, I hope he’s learned a few lessons during this trial:

Stay away from little boys and their mothers (in fact scrap that, stay away from all children period)

Trust only your family (Ok maybe not LaToya so much).

Tone the weirdness down.

Stop trying to help others, they’ll only sell you out in the end.


  • Anne
    June 14
    2:13 pm

    The verdict may be Not Guilty, but I still think he’s a freak. He can sing like no one else… but he’s a freak!


  • Dawn
    June 14
    2:59 pm

    Well, he may not be guilty of abuse, but he’s sure as hell guilty of being a completely stupid idiot.

    Moral of this particular story – don’t have kids in your bed. Period!


  • Karen Scott
    June 17
    3:34 pm

    Anne, he used to be so damn good looking when he looked normal, I can’t imagine what drives a person to the lengths that he’s taken.

    Maili, I couldn’t agree more, but what the hell are the parents who have heard the rumours, doing, letting their children sleep with him?


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