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Brenda Coulter had some interesting things to say over at her blog, I of course couldn’t resist sticking my oar in. (grin).

So, I was reading this romance story, and I’d got to the obligatory first sex scene.

The hero and heroine were getting all hot and heavy, sweating like nuns in a whorehouse and all, and you knew that the guy was about to do a Vesuvius any second now, and then lo and behold, he reaches into the pockets of his discarded jeans and grabs some prophylactics.

There was a some crinkling as he ripped the condom wrapper open, and then he very nimbly slid the rubber onto his penis.

This ‘always-use-condoms’ reminder only lasted about two lines, but I gotta say, it took me out of the story at that point, and I ended up skipping the whole sex scene all together. (I know, I know)

This was a completely sub-conscious act on my part and I hadn’t realised I’d done it, until much later on in the book.

I couldn’t figure out if I’d skipped the sex because of the condom adorning, or if the sex scene just muchos sucked. I’d like to think that I’d done it just because the sex scene sucked, after all, I am a woman of the noughties, thus a staunch advocate of safe sex, right?

But here’s the thing, there were other sex scenes in the book that didn’t mention the use of a rubber, and I read them ok. Sigh.

So this got me thinking, do we as readers prefer that our romance characters practice safe sex (for those of you who like secret baby plot devices, you probably don’t need to answer) or is this a little too much of the ‘real’ world being insinuated into what is, for all intents and purposes, a fantasy?

Whatever Happened To Mary Kate Olsen? Posted by Hello

Do you remember when Mary Kate Olsen used to be a sweet, cute kid? How does Hollywood manage to change people so drastically? Where were her parents whilst this metamorphosis was occurring?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005
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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Posted by Hello

Just in case you’re wondering, the ghostly shadow on the right is MK. So sad.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005
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Lindsay and Nicole, Shadows of Their Former Selves Posted by Hello

Lindsay Lohan used to have a figure to die for, now she looks like a caricature of herself. As for Nicole, she was always on a slippery slope to hell. Say it with me people, food is not your enemy!!

This is just so damn sad.