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Brenda Coulter had some interesting things to say over at her blog, I of course couldn’t resist sticking my oar in. (grin).


  • Rocio
    June 15
    8:14 pm

    Caramba Chica! You are….just like me but better!!! I understand you, it’s amazing how this author keep bashing their own genre, co-writer and even us readers!!! I don’t know why this reminds me how my father used to tell me how we are suppose to give status to our job and no the other way around!


  • Tammy
    June 16
    12:03 am

    Roflmao!! Karen, you are just too bad! You are the Simon Cowell of Blogland!


  • Anne
    June 16
    4:10 am

    I had to laugh at the fact that she kept deleting your posts. Sheesh! She wanted to criticize others and not take any feedback on her rant. It’s a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do.” All these writers bitching about the “embarrassment” of being associated with the romance genre either need to get over it and be proud of who they are and what they write, or find another line of work. This whole discussion is getting to be ridiculous. Grow up people!


  • Karen Scott
    June 17
    2:25 pm

    Ro, this author writes inspirational romances, and seeing as I believe that religion is the scourge of the world, and the excuse given for too many of the bad things that happen in the world, I wont be reading any of her stuff any time soon
    (Anybody out there who’s deeply religious, look at the title of the blog, before sending me hell fire and damnation comments)

    Hey Tammy, speaking of King Tut (as per Mrs Giggles), my baby sis and a friend of hers went to the X-Factor auditions last week.

    She met Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, and Louis Walsh. Her friend got through (my sis was only there for moral support)

    She rang me at work when she saw Simon pull-in, in his Rolls Royce.

    Actually she’d had a bit of a star studded week that week, cuz she’d also been to see Destiny’s Child in concert.
    Students have far too much money and time to waste!

    Anne, it was actually me who deleted the posts, the first had a cut and paste error on it, the second was an apology for the cut and paste error, then I thought, crap, I hate apologising, so just deleted both entries (grin)


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