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Good Evening From Amsterdam Airport!

Thursday, June 16, 2005
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Hi Guys, I’m in Amsterdam (actually I’m staying at one of the airport hotels, so I wont even get to see Amsterdam) for the night, I’m co-ordinating a symposium on behalf of some clients tomorrow, but it’s only for the day, so I’ll be back in the evening! I’m going to bed now cuz it’s late over here.

Ciao for now


  • Tammy
    June 16
    12:04 am

    It’s a shame you wont see anything of Amsterdam while your there, bummer!


  • Her Master
    June 16
    3:28 pm

    Safe journey.


  • Rocio
    June 17
    12:40 am

    I was wondering if you were too ashme to show up…LOL. I hope everything turn out perfect …you know I need rich friends…I missed youÂȘ


  • Karen Scott
    June 17
    2:12 pm

    Tammy, been to Amsterdam a few times, it doesn’t really do much for me if I’m honest, so only seeing the airport was definitely not a problem. It was a very nice airport though (g)

    Her Master, who’s master? Yes the plane ride was fine.. for economy class (g)

    Ro, which rich friend are you talking about? And no, no Euro’s for you, you little puta, smooches!!


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