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Let’s Toast The Happy Couple…

Friday, June 17, 2005
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Awwww, Don’t They Look Happy…? Posted by Hello

Now let’s take bets on A: Whether they make it to the alter, and B: How long it takes for them to file for divorce, due to irreconcilable differences…


  • Sharon
    June 17
    5:38 pm

    I’m waiting for her to call him “daddy.”


  • Scott
    June 17
    6:36 pm

    I bet they don’t make it to the alter. I am sure Katie had a crush on him when she was much younger. Now she is living her “dream.” That is until she realizes what a dork he is.

    Just my thoughts …..

    : )


  • Chocoholic Girl
    June 18
    2:56 am

    They look happy now, wait until she grows a brain and realises that Ashton Kutcher is more her speed


  • Jill
    June 19
    9:11 pm

    WHY don’t I buy that they’re really in love???


  • Sam
    June 21
    7:49 pm

    The Odd couple indeed.
    OK – if we’re taking bets – I’ll bet it lasts another 4 months.


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