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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
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Maili has some cool advise on what makes a cool author website, listen up Suzanne Brockman! (g)

JaynieR tells us why wolfie sex does not count as bestiality…

Jordan Summers has some interesting thoughts on being invisible, quite thought-provoking..

Smart Bitch Candy provides some commentary on the plight of women in Pakistan. A woman was publicly raped by four men because her 11 year old brother had walked home with a girl from another tribe. She was also paraded round the town naked… The men’s convictions were over-turned…

Laurie Gold has quit as columnist for Romancing The Blog, not sure whether that’s a good thing or not…

Rosario has an interesting column on RTB, about reading slumps… I think I may be experiencing this at the moment…

Lee Goldberg of Diagnosis Murder fame, whinges that writers aren’t getting a big enough cut of DVD sales.

Meljean Brook, talks about Big, Big Wangs and Cooters (g)

If you have any other interesting titbits to share, please feel free…


  • Jay
    June 30
    12:34 am

    Damn I really want to know why LLB quit RTB


  • Karen Scott
    June 30
    9:59 am

    Me too!!


  • McVane
    June 30
    6:59 pm

    Thanks for the link. 🙂 Hope you’ll have the time to do a similar thing, picking out sites you like. 😀

    P.S. did you email about books?


  • Karen Scott
    June 30
    11:43 pm

    Maili, I e-mailed you about the books a while ago, did you not receive it?

    If not, I’ll check my sent box and forward it again, but all I did was press ‘reply’ to your e-mail, so you should have got it.


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