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Ahhh… Aren’t They Cute…? Posted by Picasa

OK, we’ve determined that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (or Kate as she’s now known) probably wont last beyond her puberty, but how long do we give this loving couple? I mean come on, she’s pregnant and everything, so that must mean they’ll be together like… forever…right? Ok, maybe till next year…


  • Sarah McCarty
    July 1
    1:59 pm

    My, aren’t we cynical. It COULD be true love…. 😉


  • Anne
    July 1
    2:51 pm

    Crossing my fingers that they make it. I really like Ben. He’s such a nice guy and deserves happiness. I hope THIS Jen is the one. 😀


  • Tammy
    July 1
    6:49 pm

    lol, you’re being awful generous Karen, I give ’em til the baby’s born!


  • Karen Scott
    July 3
    8:21 am

    Sarah, moi? Cynical? Never!!!

    Anne, I suspect they wont make it, but you never know!

    Tam, you’re probably right, let’s hope she doesn’t suffer from PTS when the baby’s born…


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