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Three men were convicted today of the murders of business man, Amarjit Chohan, his wife, his mother-in-law, and his two sons.

The ringleader was a man called Kenneth Regan. Mr Regan worked as a forklift driver in one of Mr Chohan’s freight companies.
Basically, the men kidnapped Mr Chohan, and held him captive until he signed over power of attorney to Kenneth Regan. He was also made to sign a bunch of other documents. They then killed him, and buried him in a trench on the grounds of a farm.

Kenneth Regan wanted it to look like Mr Chohan had fled the country with his family, to avoid paying a huge tax bill. In order to make the story seem plausible, he also had to kill all the other members of his family. So he did, with the help of his accomplices.

The reasons as to why Mr Regan committed this heinous crime? So he could take over Mr Chohan’s freight company, and use it as a front for drug running…

The bodies of Mr Chohan’s two babies have not yet been found.

Evil really knows no bounds…. Let’s hope Regan becomes somebody’s ‘special bitch’ in prison…


  • Anne
    July 1
    2:52 pm

    All I can think to say is unbelievable! What a disgustingly brutal crime.


  • Tammy
    July 1
    6:47 pm

    I hope they burn in hell.


  • Dawn
    July 4
    9:11 am

    Not that it excuses it, but Mr Chohan’s business was apparently a front for smuggling “khat” into the States, where it is illegal.

    The whole crime was horrendous, and the worst part is that Regan murdered an 8 week old baby and an 18 month old baby.

    Thank goodness he was caught.


  • Maven
    July 5
    1:35 am

    This is one reason I support capitol punishment and the death penalty.


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