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Blasts Hit London Bus And Underground

Thursday, July 7, 2005
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Not another terrorist undertaking. We have friends in London who we’re trying to get hold of right now, but we haven’t heard anything back from them yet… Please God, don’t let there be any more fatalities…


  • S
    July 7
    11:29 am

    I got up this morning and saw this and had the same thought. I was worried about you and Dawn. This just makes me sick! I hope your friends are okay.

    Sarah, saying a prayer for all


  • Shelby Reed
    July 7
    11:36 am

    I’m just beside myself–this is absolutely agonizing. I simply can’t understand why any of this is happening to such a beautiful people. Please know I’m thinking of your country and sending prayers for healing…we’re all glued to our televisions here, watching with our hearts in our throats.

    God bless,

    Shelby in Florida


  • Dawn
    July 7
    11:42 am

    Hi All

    We live about 60 miles north of London, so we’re all OK. Michael was working in London yesterday, though, and the company is just 2 streets away from one of the blast sites. Fortunately, the people that Michael work with were all in the office OK.

    I have a bad feeling that this may be al Qaeda. I pray to God that I’m wrong though.


  • Karen Scott
    July 7
    11:56 am

    Thanks Guys, Paul was in London yesterday, but he came home last night, so we’re both ok, I finally heard from one of my friends, and she’s ok, she’s just stuck at work now. I’m just waiting on ex colleagues who work in London to get back to me now.

    There are unconfirmed reports that bombs have been found in Coventry (my sister’s university town) and Brighton, so this definitely seems to have been a well co-ordinated effort.

    Like Dawn said, we’ve been waiting for this to happen since 9/11, and London. It was only a matter of time. FUCKING BASTARDS.


  • Tammy
    July 7
    12:00 pm

    (((((Karen))))) I thought of you when this came through on the news. My thoughts are with you and your nation.


  • Paz
    July 7
    1:23 pm

    Karen and Dawn, I’m glad to read that you and your family are safe and sound. My prayers and thoughts go out to your country and those affected by the explosions.



  • Scott
    July 7
    1:35 pm

    Glad to hear that you and Paul are OK. But sorry about your friends and relatives. I hope you can contact them soon and find them safe. I have a couple of friends that work in London, and all have contacted us and said they are OK. One uses the Liverpool station everyday and said he missed it by about 30 minutes. Now he is stranded in his office (he lives in Colchester).

    I sure hope that we can end all this violence and soon.


  • Eve Vaughn
    July 7
    2:19 pm

    My prayers and thoughts are with you, your friends and your country.


  • byrdloves2read
    July 7
    5:46 pm

    Glad to know you’re safe. Friends too. Thought of you when I first heard the news, but was pretty sure you’d be okay as far from London as you are, but didn’t know how often you might go down there.
    I continue to be horrified by the violence and cruelty in terrorism.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  • Michelle
    July 7
    6:15 pm

    I do hope all of your friends and family are safe. Everyone is just devastated over the attacks. Hugs!


  • Desiree Erotique
    July 7
    10:18 pm

    Am sending prayers and dearest wishes for your loved ones, Karen!


  • Dakota Cassidy
    July 8
    4:51 am

    Darling, my prayers and good thoughts are with you now. Should you need a friend to vent–cry on a shoulder–or just a giggle–you know where I am 🙂

    Love and prayers,
    Dakota 🙂


  • Marianne LaCroix
    July 9
    4:04 am

    My thoughts and prayers to all those in England affected by these attacks.


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