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The Morning After The Day Before…

Friday, July 8, 2005
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  • At least 38 people dead
  • More fatalities expected later
  • 700 people injured
  • £50billion wiped off the London Stock Exchange
  • G8 Summit disrupted

How have the people of London dealt with all this?

They are getting on buses, they are entering tube stations. People have gone back to work, they have resumed their lives, determined not to let yesterday’s terror attacks change their routine.

The people of Britain are shaken, but we remain resolute. Historically, mankind have always paid a high price for freedom, it seems that nothing has changed, but we are still free, and for that I am proud to call myself a British Citizen.

My friends and family are safe, but my heart goes out to the people whose lives will be forever changed by the events of yesterday.

Thanks for all of your heartfelt concern, they were very much appreciated.


  • Dawn
    July 8
    9:34 am

    Yup, Karen.

    I spent most of the evening watching news reports. I just felt that I had to get all takes on the situation.

    A terrible tragedy for our country and the people caught in the blasts.

    But, we’re telling the terrorists “Up yours! We’re not going to be broken by you.”

    We will prevail!

    I will admit that I don’t often feel patriotic, but I did yesterday, when I saw how everyone was coping.

    And a HUGE thanks to the police, firefighters, medical staff and the ordinary people who helped the injured.


  • Michelle
    July 8
    11:06 am

    Karen–still sending good wishes your way. Great attitude. I think you’ll find, as our nation did, that acts of tragedy can often bring you closer together as a group. Patriotism comes out in ways you never expected.


  • Jill
    July 8
    3:54 pm

    Mind boggling … I’m so glad you and yours are safe!


  • Eve Vaughn
    July 8
    5:04 pm

    My thoughts and prayers are with your country, Karen.


  • Jenn
    July 8
    5:54 pm

    WE never underestimated your countrymen strentgth.

    Too bad the terrorist have.

    They don’t understand when you attack a country like yours or mine it only serves to unite and make us stronger.

    God bless


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