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Orlando Here We come! Posted by Picasa

The Tall Guy and I finally decided on where to go for our proper holiday this year… We went to our local holiday hypermarket today, and booked to go to Orlando, Florida for two weeks. Yay!!

We’ll be flying on Sunday Sep 18th… Can’t wait!


  • Jill
    July 11
    1:51 am

    You’re going to have a ball!!


  • McVane
    July 11
    10:08 am

    You lucky, lucky, lucky bunny. *cries* Well, have a couple of cheery drinks on me when you two are over there! 😀


  • Jenn
    July 11
    3:10 pm

    OH my God!

    Button down the hatches and hide the chocolate and the rednecks.
    Karen is coming to the states.

    Will we ever recover?

    But then Paul will be coming right into my greedy clutches.



  • Dawn
    July 12
    10:42 am

    Hey Karen, great news.

    You gonna look up Gray’s Woman?

    I’m trying to persuade M to go to LA and Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Don’t think I’m having much success though! LOL


  • Karen Scott
    July 12
    12:28 pm

    Jill, I certainly hope so, I’m just scared that a hurricane will hit whilst we’re there!

    Maili, I left the decision to hubby, he’s much more finicky than I am, we decided that Egypt was probably not a good idea in light of all the unrest there!

    Jenn you hussy, what do you mean batten down the hatches? Redneck men?
    As for Paul, he doesn’t do soiled hussies anyway! (g)

    Dawn, it was just a relief to make the decision! As for LA and Las Vegas, WOW!!! Use sex for barter purposes, that may work with M!!


  • Karen Scott
    July 12
    12:32 pm

    What a great idea, I may just arrange to meet with Susan! In the mean time, I am working hard at getting a better bikini body, lol!!


  • Shelby Reed
    July 12
    7:43 pm

    Karen, I live about 2 hours north of Orlando, and we visit Disney on a regular basis. It’s an amazing world–I’m fascinated by the way it runs, how everything works like a well-oiled machine, and how far removed from reality it all seems. What an escape! You’re going to have a blast!!!

    As for hurricanes, our season has started off with an explosion, so maybe God will be good to us and it will slack off in early September. 🙂 Don’t worry about all that…just go and revel and ride every ride five times. 🙂



  • Karen Scott
    July 14
    11:55 am

    Hey Shelby, I’m still looking forward to the trip, regardless of natural disasters. I just hope it doesn’t rain so hard that my make-up runs! (g)


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