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What the f*ck? We have had days of rhetoric from US officials about how they think that the British resilience is remarkable, and how important it is for the people of London to show that this atrocity will not stop them from continuing to live their lives as normal, so what the hell kind of message does this send out?

I don’t recall any such directive being issued here in England in the aftermath of 9/11.

Was I the only one who watched President Bush give an impassioned speech at Gleneagles about the bravery of Brits?

It seems a little contradictory seeing as there are thousands of US service people still in Iraq. Of all nations, I would have thought that the Americans would have understood the need to show solidarity in the face of terrorism.

Had this been France, I wouldn’t have been surprised in the least, we all know that they are fence sitters of the worst sort, but the Americans? I’m absolutely staggered.

Apparently the US Embassy are currently reviewing the decision to ban all American servicemen and women from entering London, I should think so too.