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The Trailer Trash Two Posted by Picasa

Say it with me folks… WTF?

The Beginning of The End Me Thinks Posted by Picasa

I’ve always intensely disliked Jude Law, I avoided seeing ‘Closer’ even though it had Clive Owen and Julia Roberts in it, purely cuz of the Jude Law factor.

I hear he’s cheated on Sienna Miller, wasn’t she the chick who he had an affair with whilst he was married to Sadie Frost? (I bet she’s jumping round with joy after hearing this news)

He decided to do the horizontal foxtrot with the children’s nanny of all people, she must have thought that all her Christmases had come at once..

He publicly apologised for the affair, and said that he was “deeply ashamed”

That’s ok then..

Why wont celebrities learn that if they have affairs with people who don’t have the same amount of money as they do, sooner or later that person will sell their story to the highest bidder?

Oh well Sienna, what goes around…